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10 Life-Changing Diaper Blowout Hacks for Less Mess AND Stress

Parenthood has a lot of special moments that you can look forward to, from your little one’s first smile to their first step, not to mention those cute baby cuddles! But, unfortunately not everything around babies is just rainbows and fairies.

Sometimes we, as parents, are faced with moments that could almost feature as a scene in a horror movie. You know what I am talking about! The dreaded diaper blowout…

And I am not talking about a small runaway pebble-sized poop. No! I’m talking full-on poopsplosions! Not fun! But unfortunately, it’s a hard reality that every parent will face somewhere in their parenting journey.

If you are reading this, hoping to find some kind of solution, advice, or hacks on preventing diaper blowouts, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most common diaper blowout causes together with some helpful tips and tricks that you can apply to ensure that regular diaper blowouts become a problem of the past. Let’s dive right in.

Common Diaper Blowout Causes

Mother Holding a Baby Dirty Diaper

Though you won’t be able to avoid these little incidents from happening altogether, knowing what causes them could ensure that you do your best to prevent them from happening in the future.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most common causes behind diaper blowouts:

  1. The wrong diaper size (either too big or too small)
  2. Not having a good diaper fit
  3. The wrong diaper brand
  4. Not changing the diaper often enough
  5. Constipation
  6. Tight clothing

Now that we know what the common causes are, let’s take a look at some practical things that you can do to address them; starting with the diaper size, fit, and brand.  

Hack #1: Use the Correct Diaper Size

Happy Baby Wearing Correct Diaper Size

Though this might seem obvious, it is probably the most common cause behind diaper blowouts.

You see, babies come in different shapes and sizes and just like with clothing, diapers fit babies differently.

The weight range for different diaper sizes is therefore only a guideline and not set in stone. There are some other indicators of the right (or wrong) diaper size that you should look out for.

So how do you know if you’ve got the wrong size diaper? Well, as a general rule of thumb, if the diaper leaks poop out at the back then the diaper is most likely too small and you should move up a size. And if the diaper leaks out the legs, the diaper is most likely too big and you should downsize. 

Red marks around the waist or legs, or signs of chafing can also be indicative of a too-tight diaper fit.

Some diaper brands take the guessing work out of diaper sizes selection, with an indicator that shows when the size of the diaper is becoming too small. If you reach the mark, you should move to the next available size.

Hack #2: Get a Good Diaper Fit

Now, if you are confident that you have the correct diaper size, there’s still a chance that it might leak if you do not have the correct fit.

To ensure that you get a good snuggly diaper fit you should check the following:

  • The diaper should appear straight and equally proportioned
  • The waist should be snug with the diaper just under the belly button
  • Ensure that the cuffs of the diaper are untucked and neatly wrapped around your baby’s legs.
  • The tabs should be fastened symmetrically on the waistband 
  • You should be able to fit 1-2 fingers comfortably into the waistband, but it shouldn’t be too loose

Hack #3: Try Different Diaper Brands

New Mom Shopping for Diapers

What works for one baby might not work for another. That’s why it’s important to experiment with different diaper brands.

So, if you’ve already checked for the correct diaper size and fit and the diaper blowouts still persist, this could be the answer.

If you’ve been trying to save a buck or two by using some of the cheaper brands, consider switching to reliable brands like Pampers or Huggies.

If this doesn’t help and you know that your baby is quite active, you could try some diapers that are specially designed for the typical busy bee.

As a last resort, you could even try some night nappies for everyday use. These are more absorbent and should contain both pee and poop very well. 

Now that we’ve discussed the more obvious tips to prevent diaper blowouts from happening, let’s move on to some tips and tricks that might not be that obvious.

Hack #4: Know Your Baby’s Pooping Schedule

Wait, what? My baby has a pooping schedule?

Though all babies are different, some babies do have a pooping schedule, just like adults. And knowing your baby’s schedule could help you avoid some unexpected and unwanted surprises.

Changing your baby’s diaper before a poop is due could help to ensure that the diaper is not too full to accommodate all the content and consequently will save you a lot of clean-up time and laundry detergent.

Keep in mind that if your baby has been constipated for a while and you have used some form of laxative or juice, you should be prepared for when the inevitable happens. I mean, what goes in has to come out eventually, and the end result can get pretty nasty.

Remember to change your baby regularly and to look out for signs that your baby wants to poop. You can then change the diaper before it leaks poop everywhere.

Hack #5: Don’t Use Tight Clothing

Baby In Too Tight of Clothing

Tight clothing, especially tight onesies, greatly increase the chance of a diaper blowout.

A diaper basically acts like a sponge that absorbs all liquids, and once it is full, applying pressure will cause the content to leak out in all directions.

If the diaper contains poop, the pressure from the clothing could squeeze the poop out the back of your baby’s diaper. And we don’t want that! So be sure to size up in clothing when your baby is nearing the end of the size range.

Hack #6: Get a Diaper Extender

If you’ve tried all the advice everyone has given you and you are on the verge of accepting your fate, but still hoping to find some form of hope that you could at least contain the diaper explosions in some way, then you should try a diaper extender.

This nifty product is designed to catch up-the-back blowouts. Diaper extenders, also sometimes referred to as blowout blockers, are typically constructed of hypoallergenic absorbent materials to offer you and your baby an extra layer of protection against those nasty poop explosions that run out the back of the diaper.

What’s more, being machine washable ensures a stress-free clean-up afterward. Just pop it in the wash and let it line dry, and it is ready for reuse.

Hack #7: Consider Switching to Cloth

Two Babies Wearing Cloth Diapers

As a cloth mom myself, this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Switching to cloth has made all the difference, as I’ve never had to deal with one diaper blowout since I’ve made the switch.

With better elastics that fit around the waist and legs of your baby, cloth diapers are more likely to contain even the most hardcore poopslopsions.

Modern cloth diapers come with a multitude of brands and options to accommodate every baby and parent’s needs. Cloth diapers also come in the most beautiful patterns and colors.

If you are keen on starting with cloth, but you’re uncertain where to even begin, there are also a lot of resources and support groups out there for new parents just starting out.

However, if full-out cloth isn’t your thing, you could try to use a waterproof cloth cover over your disposable diaper. This will minimize the chance of a diaper blowout. I would recommend going for a double gusset cover, as it just gives that extra bit of coverage.

So, we’ve discussed the ways to try and prevent a diaper blowout from happening altogether, but there’s still a chance that a legit poopslopsion could happen at any given moment in your day.

These little incidents sneak up on you at the most unexpected times, as some of you are well aware.

That’s why, in the event of a diaper blowout, you’d want to be as prepared as you can be. I’ve included the two most useful tips that have helped me a lot in such cases.

Hack #8: Use an Envelope Onesie

Envelope onesies are a fantastic diaper blowout hack. They are cleverly designed to slip off without getting poop all over your baby’s face, hands, and well… everywhere, really.

The envelope folds on the shoulders ensures a safe escape for your little one. You only have to slide it off of your baby’s shoulders, slipping out the arms first and then pulling the onesie downward over the legs. And voila, your baby is free!

Hack #9: Extra Outfits in Your Diaper Bag

You should always, ALWAYS, have at least one extra outfit in your diaper bag, because diaper blowouts tend to happen in some of the most impossible situations.

Make sure that your diaper bag is also stacked with at least 5 clean diapers, wet wipes, and some disposable plastic bags for the dirty clothes, diapers, and wipes.

It might also be handy to include a fold-up changing mat in your diaper bag for occasions like these.

Wrapping Up Diaper Blowouts

That brings us to the end of this diaper blowout tips and tricks section. I hope that this has inspired you, or at the very least has given you hope that a world free of diaper blowouts can, and do, exist. Hopefully, you too will master the art of avoiding diapering explosions altogether.

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