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13 Best Apps for Twins: Tracking Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & More!

Preparing for the birth of your twins could have you feeling overwhelmed. We hope that the following apps which are designed to track and document twin pregnancy will help simplify things and make your life easier.

Best Apps for a Twin Pregnancy

1. Pregnancy Diary-Twins in Womb

Pregnancy Diary Twins in Womb

Twin pregnancy is a journey, from the first sonogram where you see not only one but TWO little beans on the screen, to the first time you embrace your two tiny humans with a heart full of love.

Remember this unique time of your life with Pregnancy Diary-Twins in Womb, a journaling app designed specifically for multiple pregnancies.

This app allows you to write entries to catalog your symptoms and thoughts as you slog through experience the wonders of twin pregnancy that can later be exported as a PDF.

You can include photos to see your babies bump grow over time, or remember places you went with two in tow. The app counts down to your due date and each week you can read about and view 3D images of fetal twin development.

While you may have only heard of it, I can attest that pregnancy brain is a real thing! The good news is that you can stay organized using the apps built in to keep track of doctor appointments or important milestones (i.e. end of the first trimester!)

If by the end of your pregnancy, this app has come to feel like an old friend, you can still use it to create albums with your hundreds of baby pictures!

2. WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD Pregnancy

Though not designed exclusively for twins, the WebMD Pregnancy app allows you to customize settings and tailor your experience specifically for multiples. This is a feature MUCH appreciated by expecting twin mothers craving information about fetal development that is not written for singletons.

Though twin growth is much the same as singletons for the majority of our pregnancy, twin moms like to visualize how two babies look inside instead of one.

Each week you can view interactive images and read descriptions about what is happening to your twins as they grow from grains of rice to melons!

This app is complete with checklists such as what to pack in your hospital bag, crucial products to have before your babies arrive, and lists of questions to ask your doctor along the way.

There is even “getting ready for twins” content geared specifically towards prepping for expecting mothers of multiples so you can read about feeding options, childcare, etc. specifically for twins.

To keep it fun, the app includes a belly photo album so you can watch your belly grow from week to week. And even if you don’t look and feel your best, you will one day really appreciate taking these photos to reflect upon your tremendous journey.

Downloading the WebMD Pregnancy app also grants you access to message boards where you can ask questions and share your experience with other expecting moms just like you!

3. What to Expect Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

What to Expect Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

The What to Expect Pregnancy and Baby Tracker has weekly descriptions and videos of fetal development, though it is basically geared towards singletons.

The weekly update is paired with a “fruit-size” depiction of your growing baby and a count down to the big day.  Once baby arrives, you can keep a timeline of milestones and photos within the app.

With this install, you can access thousands of medically approved articles that cover everything baby from a twinkle in mom’s eye to training wheels. The main attraction of the WTE app is access to the message boards.

WTE message boards are a popular haven for expecting moms and women with newborns. Here you can connect with hundreds of other expecting mothers who share your birth month to question, compare, commiserate, uplift, and laugh together!

4. Sprout

Sprout Apps

Sprout is actually a brand of apps that truly encompasses the entire baby-making experience.

There are three apps: A Fertility and Period Tracker, a Pregnancy app, and a Baby app.

The first of the three helps to predict ovulation and optimal fertility windows.  If you have made it to this article, then you are probably already pregnant with at least a couple of babies, so exit here and proceed directly to the Pregnancy app.

Each week, the Sprouts Pregnancy app features amazing and interactive models of fetal development. What is special about the Sprout Pregnancy app compared to other pregnancy apps is the inclusion of some pregnancy tools: a weight tracker, a kick counter, and a contraction timer.

While you should always consult with your OB, these tools will definitely come in handy. Weight gain with a twin pregnancy is especially important and it helps to have a visual so you don’t get behind.

It can also help you embrace the idea that gaining weight is a normal and necessary part of the amazing process happening inside of you!

Sprout pregnancy doesn’t forget the journaling and prepping moms either. You can create a pregnancy timeline of belly photos and journal entries while checking off premade to-do lists.

If you love your Sprout Pregnancy app, then keep it in the family with Sprout Baby after your twins arrive.

Like Baby Connect, Sprout Baby keeps track of feeding, diapering, nursing, pumping, health, and more. All of the data is summarized in charts, compared to WHO and CDC guidelines, and can be synced across multiple devices.

One perk of Sprout Baby is that it includes monthly development updates and daily tips to keep you sane. Oh and those precious baby photos? They can be exported into an eBook so you can whip it out on graduation day and show your kids’ friends “Twin’s First Bath in the Sink!”

Best Newborn Twin Baby Tracking Apps

5. Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracker

Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracker

Oh no…whose diaper was that?

As one of few apps designed specifically for twins, the Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracker allows you to keep track of feeding, diapering, sleeping, milestones, and health notes for up to ten babies!

Hopefully, you aren’t pregnant with ten babies…unless your goal is to parent a soccer team of multiples.

With twins, it can be tricky to remember who ate what, when, and how much…especially when they are on the dreaded opposite schedules and you haven’t slept in a fortnight.

Key features of this app include the ability to enable family sharing and even exporting data to bring to the pediatrician.

As an added perk, this app contains lullabies that you can play while sending your twins into dreamland.

6. Baby Connect

Baby Connect

Baby Connect is the Crème de la Crème of baby tracking apps. You can keep track of EVERYTHING under the moon.

For breastfeeding, you can note which side each twin nursed on, the duration of feedings, and even set a timer as a reminder for the next feeding.

The same goes for bottles and sippy cups-when, what, and how much all goes into the app.

Even as your twins grow, you can note which solids they have tried and record their intake. The app doesn’t only log your babies’ input, but their, ah, output too.

Even as your twins grow, you can note which solids they have tried and record not only their intake, but also log babies’ output too.

For newborns, you can keep track of wet and soiled diapers, with as little or as much detail about the BM (bowel movement) that you care to include.

When it comes time to potty train there is an area for that as well. You can time naps and sleep, pumping sessions, and more.

This app really thinks of it all, and it is easy to enter info with one-handed taps which is an important consideration when your hands are constantly full with at least one baby!

The information you log from day to day, as well as numbers from the doctor’s office like height and weight,  can all be analyzed with 34 different charts.

Where most twins are born at least two weeks early, it is helpful that the charts give you the option to view percentiles based on birth date or due date.

Speaking of preemies, your phone is a germy place so be sure to wipe it with an alcohol pad if you will be using it near your newborn twins.

To monitor the health of your twins, you can enter stats like body temperature, activity, mood, and vaccinations received.

With the ability to add GPS location and export data to excel, you may think that this app is all work and no play, but this is definitely not the case. In fact, you can also save photos of your little ones and keep a diary of those precious milestones!

You and other caregivers can enter the info from multiple devices and they sync automatically to keep you updated at all times.

While not designed specifically for twins, you can track as many babies as you would like and twin parents find it easy to switch back and forth between babies.

7. Total Baby

Total Baby

Total Baby keeps track of nursing, bottles, pumping, solids, diapers, and naps like all the rest.

Where this app stands apart from the rest is a system to log pumped milk which also allows you to keep track of expiration dates and usage so you can keep a virtual eye on your stash!

This is a fantastic feature for exclusively pumping twin moms who will have a lot of milk coming and going from the freezer or fridge.

This is also one of the only baby tracking apps with twin specific features including a “dual timer” which allows you to view two timers on the same screen. This thoughtful addition is great for tandem nursing when you don’t have a free hand (or foot, or minute) to toggle between screens.

With a timeline feature and 15 different summary charts, you can view trends in the data at a glance to better anticipate the needs of your babies-especially helpful when trying to get two babies on the same schedule!

8. Baby Tracker

Baby Tracker

Baby Tracker is a Free app that, similar to Baby Connect, allows you to log nursing sessions, pumping, bottles, diaper changes, health records, growth measurements, and sleep.

If missing that gentle sleep wave leaves you with a scene more like The Perfect Storm, try setting a reminder alarm with this app to put your babies down to nap.

As your little ones grow, you can compare their measurements to the World Health Organization averages. Statistical analysis charts of your data are available but require an in-app purchase.

Fear not, no BM will go forgotten because Baby Tracker automatically backs up your data to DropBox or iCloud, and syncs data across multiple devices to keep all caregivers informed.

This app also allows you to make photo albums of your cuties by uploading pictures or taking them right within the app. And with auto-syncing, Dad can see them right away!

Baby Tracker allows you to track multiple babies simultaneously, and twin parents who have used Baby Tracker found the app easy to use and helpful for remembering who did what and when.

And when it comes time for well visits, the features of this app allow you to simply export and print data that you can share with the pedi.

Baby Book Apps to Document Twins

9. Tweekaboo


Did your parents have shoeboxes full of childhood photographs with good intentions?

Now we have cellphone galleries full of digital pics that may never make it beyond the cloud.

With a good baby book app like Tweekaboo, you can add in photos as you go and then have it printed! No glue, scissors or shoeboxes required.

Tweekaboo is like a private social network (oxymoron?) for you, your babies, and your family.

You can keep a timeline of photos and commentary from the first sign of a baby bump to the first time one twin hoists the other up over the baby gate and beyond.

Your photos are private but can be shared through the app with invited friends and family.

You can even customize emails with pictures and send them through the app to relatives who aren’t on the app bandwagon.

When you are ready to slap a hard copy of Babies’ First Year on the coffee table, just have it printed and shipped to your home.

10. Tiny Beans

Tiny Beans

I remember thinking if I see ONE MORE baby picture on Facebook I am going to deactivate forever. Now you have your own two precious bundles of life and you want to share them with the world.

To avoid flooding high school friends and acquaintances with pictures of your twins eating each other’s fingers, use Tiny Beans to share as many pictures as you’d like with the people who really want to see them (i.e. Grandparents, grandparents, and grandparents)!

With Tiny Beans, you can upload baby photos, gussy them with filters and stickers, and share them through the app or with emails to friends and family. You aren’t limited to photos but can also add videos and text, and then view them in calendar mode to easily find by date.

Some fun features unique to Tiny Beans include: “photo flashback” which is essentially the TBT (Throwback Thursday) of baby books.

This app feature allows you to see a picture taken on the same date of previous years, and simultaneously serve as a baby milestones tracker, wherein you need only to tap on standard milestones as they are achieved to save the date and a picture.

Like Tweekaboo, you can have your photos printed into a baby book when you have enough, which should take approximately… five minutes.

Extra Twin Apps for Fun

11. Babyname


If you had to go back and repeat all four years of high school, then it would be both easier and faster than choosing baby names for twins.

If you count middle names and the combination of boy and girl options, then you are up to eight potential names for both you and your partner to agree upon.

Luckily, Babyname allows you to keep the process of choosing names fun. Similar to Tinder with the idea of swiping to find matches, this app enables you and your partner to sync your profiles and find “matches” in the form of baby names that you both enjoy.

As you swipe away, you will (hopefully) grow a list of matches, or in this case, the beautiful intersection of your baby name Venn diagram.

12. Kegel Trainer

Kegel Trainer

This may not seem the most glamorous or “fun” recommendation, but it is probably the one you will thank us for later!

Chances are, the first and last time you did your kegel exercises was on the way home from the appointment when your OB said, “don’t forget to do your Kegel exercises.”

With most workouts, once you wrap up and hit the showers, you are done for the day and it is easy to remember if you did it or not.

Kegels are done frequently for short time intervals and so it is definitely easy to forget to do them for a few days, weeks, or even trimesters.

Kegel trainer makes this process easy and describes how to do the exercises, includes pre-set sessions to time each repeat, and allows you to set discreet reminders when it is time to do your Kegels again.

And when the time comes, the app designers decided to make the reminders discreet though a flashing screen declaring the words “KEGEL TIME!!!”. How considerate? I laugh at the idea of others witnessing this phenomenon during important work functions.

It is a simple and wonderful idea for all expecting mothers and for those of you expecting twins…no brainer!

13. Water Drink Reminder

Water Drink Reminder

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is vital to drink enough H20.

Similar to Kegel Trainer, the Water Drink Reminder app just helps your baby brain remember to give your body what it needs so your body can give babies what they need!

Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

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