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5 Best Baby Hair Clippers for Fast & Trauma Free Haircuts

Looking for a pair of clippers that won’t scare your baby?

Below are the best hair clippers for babies that will reduce the trauma that comes with getting a haircut for the first time.

In a hurry or just plain curious? 

These specific baby hair clippers are the most popular amongst readers because of their A) quiet noise levels, B) safety, and C) operational use!

What to Look for When Choosing Hair Clippers for Babies

Automatic Hair Cleaning

Small pieces of cut hair are itchy when they fall under your baby’s clothing and on the skin. Making your baby fussy and move around during the haircut. Helpfully, some clippers offer automatic hair inhaling features. This feature sucks up broken hair as you cut – easy cleaning and comfortability for your baby.


If you are going on a long trip or happen to be visiting family, the last thing you want is a big, clunky clipper taking up suitcase space. Larger clips also make it difficult to maneuver around your baby’s head gracefully while you are cutting his hair. When shopping for a baby hair clipper, look for one that’s portable.

Noise Level

Loud, noisy clippers are scary for babies. Not only does this make the experience traumatic, but it can cause problem behaviors that make haircutting unsafe. The hair clippers you buy should have noise-resistant or eliminating capabilities. Some claim to be quiet enough to use while your baby sleeps!


Some safety features clippers offer are clippers with gaps to the skin to protect your baby’s head and a safety child lock to prevent accidental use. Waterproof qualities are always a plus. Even cordless products contribute to a safer hair cutting environment.

Easy Operations

It’s essential for the hair clippers to be easy to control for promoting safety and comfortability. Designs like streamline body curving support for easy handling. Guide combs help make the process faster with no errors.

Additional Features

Depending on the hair clippers, it may have additional features or accessories. For instance, a rechargeable battery that has a USB port for portable charging. Or, hair debris storage, a cleaning brush, and a free bib.

Best Quiet Hair Clippers for Babies

Yijan HK668S IP-X7

Yijan HK668S IP-X7 Waterproof Chargeable Professional Haircuts Hair Clipper for Baby Children Kids

This professional clipper is designed to make cutting your baby’s hair easy for you and your little one.

First, it’s battery-operated, so an annoying cord doesn’t get in the way when you move around your baby’s head. It’s quiet to help not scare your baby. The protective combs safeguard your baby’s head and promote fewer mistakes.

Additionally, the varying length of the combs allows you to custom style your baby’s hair. The ceramic blades are also dismountable for easy cleaning and interchanging purposes.

This product is perceived well by reviewers and past customers so you can trust this product is high quality and built to last.


  • It has a Ni-MH environmental-friendly rechargeable battery
  • The clippers are waterproof to clean effortlessly and cut hair in the bath
  • Your purchase is a kit that includes: 3 different sized protective combs, charger, cleaning brush, a bib, and more
  • Made from ABS eco-friendly material


  • You must charge the clippers for 6 hours for 50 minutes of operation
  • It does not have a broken hair inhaling function, requiring blade and guard cleaning in water

Sminiker Professional Cordless Hair Clippers

Sminiker Professional Cordless Haircut Kit Clippers for Men Rechargeable Hair Clippers Set with 2 Batteries, 6 Comb, Guides and Scissors - Grey

This Sminiker hair clipper is not specifically designed just for infants and toddlers. It’s a professional product available for all ages. However, it terrifically meets the requirement of being quiet for your baby.

Although not completely quiet, the noise is minimal with a small buzzing sound. Even with limited noise, the clipper does not sacrifice power and quality for it. It is durable thanks to titanium blades paired with adjustable plastic blades.

Additionally, it has a versatile cord and cordless option to meet your personal preference.


  • It is designed to prevent accidentally hurting someone with stabilization and control features
  • You get ultimate cutting capabilities with six combs and five length settings
  • Low vibrations assist with the quiet operation
  • It has two rechargeable lithium battery that incredibly lasts 8 hours after 2-3 hours of charging


  • The blade setting can be hard to read when you turn the dial
  • It does not have a zero gap for other members of the household who may be interested in using it

Professional Kid’s Hair Clippers

Professional Kid's Hair Clippers Quiet 35 decibels With Ceramic Blade Cut-proof IPX-7 level Water-proof USB Chargeable Grooming Kit

When you purchase a child-friendly clipper, you want a product that comes with a kit that has a variety of accessories. If you want a bang for your buck, this professional kid’s hair clipper is a great deal for you.

With the clipper, you get an antistatic cape for you baby, a detachable USB cord, cleaning sponge, cleaning brush, and a cleaning cloth. However, you also get a fun surprise!

Your order comes with six different models that include shapes like a star, airplane, and crescent moon.

So, in addition to being quieter than typical clippers on the market, you can turn haircutting time into a fun event, just how tummy time can be!! The majority of reviews for these hair clippers have been positive.


  • It is waterproof, so you can use the clipper and clean it at the same time; like in the bath where some babies feel more comfortable getting their haircut
  • The USB charging cord lets you charge and operate the clipper simultaneously
  • A high-powered motor stops the clipper from getting stuck and tugging


  • The gaps between the guard sizes make it difficult to cut fades
  • The USB cord is the charging cord which requires a computer or other compatible outlet
  • There is no broken hair inhaler which can cause a mess if you are not cutting hair near a water source that can quickly wash off the clipper and blades

GL Baby Hair Clipper

Sometimes, it feels like it would be easier to cut your baby’s hair when he is asleep.

However, loud buzzing sounds from clippers prevent that. A solution to your problem would be to use the GL baby hair clipper.

The loud noise protection design prevents buzzing sounds that are intense with a high-precision motor.

Additionally, this clipper has unique chamfer design paired with imported ceramic combs prevent snagging and tugging on your baby’s hair while you cut it.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Your purchase will receive additional items like an antistatic cloth, cleaning brush, and four different positioning combs to choose from
  • It’s waterproof so you can rinse off the blades and combs easily with water and haircut during a bath
  • The 5V low-voltage charging method is energy-saving and overall eco-friendly because of low-carbon use
  • A detachable blade is convenient to clean


  • It does not have a broken hair inhaling function
  • The charging source is a USB cord that requires compatible devices instead of being plugged into a traditional wall outlet

Ceenwes Hair Clippers

CEENWES Updated Version Professional Hair Clippers Cordless Haircut Kit Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Haircut Grooming kit with 8 Combs & Carrying Bag for Men/Father/Husband/Boyfriend

This last hair clipper is more family-oriented instead of baby or toddler centered.

However, it is quieter than the average competing clippers. Not only is it not so noisy, but it is also a high-tech device. The clipper has a digital LCD screen displaying information like the running speed and remaining power.

Not only is this feature unique, but it also has a charging docking station. The blades are detachable for convenient cleaning.


  • You can enjoy three different speed and precise length adjustment settings for a sharp haircut
  • It is manufactured smartly with an ergonomic design, so it can comfortably fit in your hands
  • Your purchase includes eight guide combs and R-type blunt angle blades that prevent skin injuries
  • It is power efficient with 240 minutes of operation time after 3 hours of charging
  • The clipper has dual charging options including the charging port and detachable power cord


  • This clipper is not waterproof, so it cannot be used during bath time or cleaned with water
  • Due to blade sharpness and different running speed options, this clipper may be easier to use for parents who have experience in haircutting with clippers

When to Use Hair Clippers on Baby

Now that you have a hair clipper in mind, you are probably wondering: when should you use the clippers? Most people wait until their baby is 6-months-old or older. Additionally, baby hair growth rates vary. One baby might need a hair trimming at 7-months-old while another can wait until 14 months.

Also, take into consideration if your baby can sit for periods of time without being squirmy the whole time. Likewise, you need to feel comfortable as well. These factors can be different for every family. Make your best judgment to determine when the time is right to use the hair clippers! You can also do a “test trial” at a professional salon before doing it at home.

How to Cut Baby Hair with Clippers

There’s no one-fits-all guide to using hair clippers without initial struggles. You can follow general guidelines for preparing your baby by finding the right haircutting routine. Follow the general guidance below:

1. Get your baby comfortable

Does your baby have a favorite sitting area? Will having your baby sit in front of the TV help, or on someone’s lap? Make sure your baby will be comfortable throughout the process.

2. Prepare the clippers

Have the hair clippers are ready to go per the instruction manual.

3. Introduce baby to the hair clippers

Show baby how to turn the hair clippers on and off, so they get used to the noise. Run the hair clippers over your baby’s head while it’s OFF. Fake demonstrate haircutting on your significant other or stuff animal.

4. Be gentle and slow

Start off with baby steps for your baby and don’t go quick or fast. Reference the clipper’s manual for direction on how to move the clipper through your baby’s hair.

5. Follow your baby’s lead

Know when to stop. Forcing your baby and not listening to his cries can make the experience traumatic. Stop and try again later or while baby sleeps if you must.

Where Can You Buy Baby Hair Clippers?

Finally, you may be wondering where you can find baby hair clippers. It’s not an item you frequently come across what you are out shopping. It’s surprising that baby hair clippers are easy to find and available in more places than you would think. Here are some examples below.

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Kohls
  • Savings Galore

Of course, online shopping is going to be your best bet. Not only is there a wide variety online to browse, but you can also look at products of main chain stores like Target and Walmart and compare them. Sometimes, stores sell products that are only available online.

Make the Most Out of Haircutting Time

There are numerous factors to consider before buying the right hair clipper for your baby. You will have to consider features like safety, operational ease, noise and more. However, a big concern is noise control. You don’t want to scare your baby, so you need a clipper that makes minimal noise.

There are great clippers on the market for control the noise level. Some of these clippers include GL Baby Hair Clipper and the Sminiker Professional Cordless Hair Clippers.

New moms and parents lacking experience with clippers might appreciate the Professional Kid’s Hair Clippers because of its user-friendliness and additional accessories.

The more experienced will love the high-tech features and professional service of the Ceenwes Hair Clipper.

It may be hard to decide when to use the hair clippers, but it all depends on your and your baby’s comfortability level. Usually, parents wait baby is 6 to 12 months, but there is no set rule.

Depending on your baby’s needs – such as temperament or sensory issues – the steps of how you cut your baby’s hair will vary.

However, there is a general guide to help you find the right routine for your baby. Baby hair clippers are easy to find, and a quick online search will tell you where to go.

Remember, it’s important to follow your baby’s lead because haircutting can be a scary experience the first few times. Be patient and take breaks as often as your baby needs; practice different techniques to help your baby feel more comfortable with getting his haircut. Good luck!

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