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3 Best Baby Registry Sites for Twins You Can’t Afford to Sleep On

In this day and age, our problem is definitely not limited access to products—it is the overwhelming array of choices we have.  It’s hard to know where to begin—especially after that ultrasound appointment showing us two little heartbeats!

Finding out that you are having twins can be, well—pretty overwhelming!  It can be difficult to know where to start with one baby, let alone more than one.  There are so many things to think about.

Building a registry not only helps us decide what products would help us to best bring up our little ones, but it also helps us visualize how we want to bring them up.

It may take us some time to decide exactly what we need and want for our new arrivals.

In-store and, especially, online gift registries make it a lot easier for our friends and families to shower these things upon our new little ones—making sure they’re all hits and no misses.

However, the many choices available can make us wonder if we’re missing out on something better.

It can take a while to decide and explore our options, but we are here to help!

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When To Start a Baby Registry For Twins

A twin baby registry can be started at any time after the big positive, but many people wait until sometime around the 12-week point—usually around the time of announcement.

Some people like to wait until they know the gender of the baby, which is often around week 20.

It can take a while to weed through options and do the research required in making decisions—especially on the bigger-ticket items.

Therefore, the earlier one starts looking, the better.  You can always get started on it as early as you want, choosing as many things as possible with the information you have, and sharing the registry (or making it public) when you see fit.

The first step in this process is deciding where we would like to register.

We used to have no choice except the stores that were nearby.  Things have changed—and now we have so many choices, again, it’s hard to even know where to begin to choose where, let alone what!

The following is a guide that can hopefully help you with your selection.

We’ve chosen three of the most popular registries for twins to tell you about.  Time becomes more and more precious once you find out you’re having two.  This can, hopefully, save you a little.

Best Twin Baby Registry #1: Amazon.com

Standout Features:

  • Vast selection
  • Affordability
  • Sign-up incentives
  • Prime option

When it comes to online baby registry, Amazon is probably going to be one of the first options that come to mind.  It is certainly one of the most popular—and for good reason!

The selection can’t be beat, not to mention a universal option, which allows you to place onto it any item from any online store.  Affordability comes right along with the range of choices.  With the array of merchandise comes a nice range in affordable options.

When comparing the same type (and quality) of item, and sometimes even identical items, sometimes you can find that one costs less than the other.  You can often find a price that is lower than the competition without skimping on quality.

Sign-up is easy. Just click on “Account & Lists,” in the top right area of the main Amazon screen.  Click on “Baby Registry” and you will be easily guided through the process.

From there, you can decide with an option for making the registry public or not.  If you would like to get started before the big announcement, you can simply make it private until you’re ready to put it out there.

Adding items is a snap, as well.  They have created a checklist that includes several categories, including, “Nursery,” “Diapering,” Bathtime,” “Feeding,” etc.  Under each of these headings are several subheadings.

For example, if you click on “Feeding,” there is a number of checkable boxes that say “Bottles,” “Feeding Pillows,” etc.  Check the box, and a number of available varieties of that item will appear below, with the option to “Add to registry” right underneath.

Amazon is one of the most well-known and widely used online stores and is, therefore, quite likely to be familiar with many of those who would like to pick something out for your new babies.  Under “Account & Lists” is an easy-to-use “Find a List or Registry” option.

Overall, Amazon is really one of the best options out there for your twin gift registry.

Best Twin Baby Registry #2: Target

Target Baby Registry

Standout Features:

  • In-store option
  • App for in-store and online use
  • Free shipping for purchases over $35
  • Group purchase option

Target is another baby registry option that might pop right into mind when thinking about creating one.

Target has many of the same features as Amazon—easy sign-up and use, a universal registry, as well as some sign-up perks.

Target gives you a one-time coupon for 15% off along with a welcome box.  They also offer free shipping on any order over $35 and one-year, hassle-free returns.

The way this registry works is, again, similar to Amazon’s site.

In the top right-hand corner of the main screen, there is an icon, that either gives you the opportunity to sign up for online shopping or, if you already have, will have your first name underneath.  Click on this and you will find “Registries + Lists” in the dropdown.

From there, you are easily guided through the process.  There is also an option to refrain from making the registry public yet, so you can choose to work on it before the announcement.

Though it works in a very similar fashion, right down to the checklist with subheadings that makes it easy to add items, there are a few cons to go with all of the pros.

The 15% coupon is for one purchase only—there are fewer opportunities to save on this site.

Also, Target’s selection isn’t nearly as vast as Amazon’s, though they do have more to choose from than one might think.

The prices can tend to be slightly higher through Target sometimes, as well, but not always.

Target does have one advantage of access to a physical store.

If you have one in your area, they do have a registry app in which you can go scan items that catch your eye.

This can also be nice for some of your less computer-savvy well-wishers (maybe the more elderly), as the registry can be looked up, in-store, as well.

Target also has a group purchase option. This makes it easier for people to go in together on some of those big-ticket items.

In general, Target doesn’t have quite the value or selection as Amazon, but it is still a more-than-decent option.

Best Twin Baby Registry #3: Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby Baby Registry

Standout Features: 

  • In-store option
  • Product guides and other resources
  • Printable registry announcement cards
  • Free shipping for orders over $29

Buy Buy Baby, an offshoot of Bed, Bath, and Beyond, is another well-known and well-used site.

This site doesn’t have as much for sign-on bonuses as Amazon, or even Target, but the goody bag you receive for signing on does contain coupons among the gifts within.

There is a friends referral program, which affords you $25 dollars off of any purchase over $100.  It’s no biggie, but it could come in handy.

Sign-up is pretty similar to the other two outlets’ systems, with a couple of differences.

The registry button is already visible toward the top, in the middle.  One does not already need to have an account with Buy Buy Baby to create a registry.  Just click the button and get started.

Adding to the registry is also very similar to the other two sites.

Each category has a dropdown with subcategories to choose from.  This store, like the others, has the “private” option to give you some time to put everything together prior to the announcement.

Buy Buy Baby is different in that it only deals in baby merchandise.  You can, often, though, apply Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons to purchases made here.  Their selection is pretty good.

It isn’t as great as Amazon’s, but there is definitely much more to choose from than Target’s.

It doesn’t appear to have the universal option either, but it does have an in-store option, which, as with Target, can be good for our less computer-savvy friends and family.

This registry also has a couple of cool extra features the other ones don’t have.

There are actually some registry announcement card templates to choose from.

You just add your name to them, print, and distribute them as you’d like.  There are also quite a few resources included that you won’t find in the other registries.

There are product guides, advising what to look for in, for example, a crib or a car seat.  There is also health advice, helpful articles and tips, twin baby shower DIY, and even online design services for the nursery.

Of course, you go through the provided questionnaire only to find out, in the end, that the service costs 200 bucks, but they do send you a free design guide that is actually pretty helpful.

Buy Buy Baby’s prices aren’t all that much different from Target’s, but they do have a price match guarantee.  It is an extra step to have to take, but a nice feature, nevertheless.

They do have free shipping for purchases that exceed $29.

Overall, Buy Buy Baby is a nice place to go if you would like a little more help with choosing your products.  This can be found elsewhere online, of course, but it can be kind of nice to have it all nearby.

Sometimes every little timesaver makes a difference.  Other than that, it is a pretty standard, yet quite viable, option.

What to Look for in a Baby Registry for Twins

They’re actually the same things we would probably want if we were having a singleton, for the most part.  There isn’t really a lot more available to factor in when it comes to baby registries.  There aren’t really as many freebies and things for multiples as there have been in the past.

Multiples have become much more common in recent years and the marketplace has also changed.

A local store could possibly afford to give out some free or discounted items when a couple in town had multiples.  A global store, however, might lose quite a bit of money trying to do this.

There are quite a few more registries to choose from than we reviewed here—Babies R Us, Babylist, and Pottery Barn, among others.  All of them work in a similar manner, with a few variations among them.

As is not always the case, though, the big dog does come out on top in this area: Amazon.  They definitely outshine the competition in affordability and selection.

These are two very important things to consider with twins—a good product can save you precious time and most of us, of course, are going to need to save our pennies, as well.

Wrapping Up the Best Twin Baby Registries

The process of choosing the products that will best suit our babies can be painstaking—but it is also a lot of fun!

Once we get things a little narrowed down, the confusion will hopefully give way to the happiness of picturing ourselves actually using these things with our new babies!

It can sometimes take a little more strategy and figuring with two—there are a few more questions to ask ourselves (“What should we buy two of?”  What should we only buy one of?”).

Making a registry early on helps give us a better idea of how we want to do things and can even help us visualize our parenting style as we consider what we would like to use.

Bottom line: Have fun!!  Don’t worry—it will all come together.

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