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8 Best Biodegradable & Eco Friendly Diapers That Won’t Break the Bank

The last thing thought when throwing a diaper away is where will it go. If you’re like me you’re only worried about getting that smelly mess as far away from living areas as possible.

From the trash can to the garbage truck to a landfill – then what? Then we wait – because most commonly used diapers are not biodegradable.

Diapers that are not biodegradable can take hundreds of years to decompose. Yes, HUNDREDS. Let’s not forget the chemicals and fragrances that may cause those awful rashes for your little one.

A lot of people suffer through using cloth diapers, but some of us find it just that – suffering. There’s the scooping (rather the flinging), cleaning splash guards, and the increased amount of daily laundry that has to be done.

But what if there were reasonably priced biodegradable diapers that are so world-friendly that it makes you feel as good as when your partner is the one who changes the diaper?

How Biodegradable Diapers are Better and More Eco-Friendly for Our Environment

Choosing to use Eco-friendly and biodegradable options versus traditional disposable diapers can help us do our little part in passing on a better world to the ones wearing the diapers. And, more so, they are not as expensive as you would think!

The only cost is a little effort, little like not just grabbing the big-name brands out of habit as you speed through the aisle.

You would be surprised that many of these diapers are right in front of our eyes for only a small percentage more than their environmentally harmful counterparts. So, are biodegradable diapers really that much better for the environment? You betcha.

And isn’t it nice to know there are natural eco-friendly diapers that you only must deal with once, unlike cloth diapers?

How to Choose the Best Biodegradable Diapers

There are a lot of brands of diapers to choose from, so how do you know you’re getting the best ones for your money? Even worse there are diapers that go under the guise of being ‘organic’ but may still contain certain chemicals that make them not completely biodegradable.

To start let’s destroy the myth that biodegradable is crazy expensive. Yes, they run a little more than average disposables, but they may save you money in the long run.

Most promise better leak coverage, fewer rashes, and even fewer diaper tears than their unnatural competitors.

Like all products, we have to find the ones that fit our lives and preferences best.

Consider your little pooper and decide which brand offers all the qualities you’re looking for, style, comfort, absorbency, and price.

So, What Are the Best Biodegradable Diapers?

1. Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy Baby Diapers - Small - 94 ct by Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy’s Bamboo Biodegradable diapers are at the top of our list. With stellar reviews, this almost five-star product is a winner. One of my favorite aspects of this diaper is the wetness indicator, it can be so hard to tell whether they’re wet or not especially when they’re young.

I would hate to know how much money I’ve wasted changing a false alarm diaper. Like most eco-friendly diapers these are chlorine free, perfume free, and made from starches and corn.

Comfortability is obviously important to any parent and is often mentioned when describing these diapers. Comparable to other brands cruiser options, these are perfect for little wigglers and rollers.

There is way less of that crazed baby pulling (I know my son does) at the waistband of diapers he just doesn’t find comfy. They are soft and breathable but still have a superior leakage system to most.

The not-so-great quality? It’s going to have to be the price. To this frugal mama, the cost per diaper is a little pricey, but if you are willing to spend a little more for superior diapers, it can be overlooked because of all the great features these diapers

2. Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature Eco Friendly Baby Diapers Classic for Sensitive Skin, Size 4 (15-40 lbs), 180 Count (6 Packs of 30)

If you are looking to spend a bit less on your natural diapers, but not forsake any of the all-natural must-haves- these are the buy. The price of these diapers is only slightly more than the big-name competitors.

They are not the least expensive on this list, but they are reasonable. Positively as well, they can be a real problem solver when it comes to babies with sensitive skin because all of Bamboo Nature’s products are dermatologically tested.

Bambo Nature is not afraid to list the exact ingredients and all the harmful materials the diapers are free of right on the packaging. These are extra-long diapers! Which is amazing because no one wants to find a new outfit in the middle of the night because of a dirty back surprise.

A few reviews tell of low absorbency, but not enough to take away all the shining qualities of this eco diaper. So not many reports of leakage, for the most part, bone-dry diapers!

The core is absorbent, albeit slightly thin, and made mostly of nature-friendly wheat starch.

They are 75% biodegradable which is a lot more than your average diaper. There are some particularly good things about the company, the forest where the trees are gathered to produce the diapers is simultaneously replanted.

It’s great to know a company is approaching the issues of being eco-friendly from all angles!

3. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Baby Diapers for Sensitive Skin, Animal Prints, Size 4, 135 count (Packaging May Vary)

Seventh Generation diapers are free from chemical bleaching, know there are no added scents or latex for your little one’s skin. All ingredients are clearly listed on the packaging which we cannot say about most other biodegradable diapers on the list.

The only other one is Bambo Nature. Let’s get to the numbers, right? Well, they are relatively inexpensive and you will have to check the current price as they constantly fluctuate. This is better than non-natural huge diaper brands!

You’re thinking- why wouldn’t this be the obvious choice? Price is good, it lays out all the ingredients as clear as day for us parents…but they are NOT attractive.

They are not bleached so they look like they are cut from brown paper bags. To some, this is not a problem. Their slightly rough feeling material is something to take into account as well.

The absorbency is not the best on the list either and has a few disappointed customer reviews saying they are too thin.

4. Earth’s Best Tendercare

Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine-Free Disposable Baby Diapers, Size 1 (8-14 lbs), 144 Count

Let’s start with the positives. Like most biodegradable diapers, Earth’s best is chlorine free (which is a top irritant in diapers.) Made from corn and starch for absorbency, these are reasonably priced. There are no added perfumes or dyes. They are latex free which doesn’t take away from their fit. Without a doubt the fit on these diapers is amazing!

All reports of leakage of these diapers are minimum so they make great over-night diapers. Any negative reports were for slight blowouts, but not leaking! Not to mention these are an easy find in your average retail store so you do not have to spend time waiting for shipping online.

Cons are that they are slightly less biodegradable as others on this list. The renewable resources they do use is corn and wheat for an absorbent core.

They are more than 50 percent biodegradable, but an exact percentage isn’t laid out on their packaging or website. Price wise, these too, are on the more inexpensive side.

5. Babyganics

Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers, Size 4, 160 Count

There is a good amount of information about the contents of Babyganics Organic diapers. They use a special blend of seed oils to create their hypoallergenic and smooth diapers.

They do claim to contain only natural materials and are free of latex, petroleum-based lotions, and chlorine. From reading the reviews there is a definite good side to this diaper and, of course, a bad.

Reported to be ridiculously soft, comfort is something not missed out on with this diaper, the material is almost silky smooth. Their design is simple, yet colorful with their logo bear on the front.

The leak guard is stretchy and works well with absorbency, but there are some reviews of blowouts.

This may be reflected in their competitively priced eco-friendly diapers as they are the cheapest diapers on the list. The real bummer is that they do not carry Newborn sizes.

6. Honest Diapers

The Honest Company Super Club Box Diapers - Size 1 - Rose Blossom & Bunnies Print | TrueAbsorb Technology | Plant-Derived Materials | Hypoallergenic | 160 Count

Honest Natural Diapers are one of the most well-known brands of ‘organic’ diapers. It is reasonably priced as well so it is a shame they’ve ended up so low on the list.

While it comes in tons of cute and funky prints, that doesn’t make up for the fact that they are not one hundred percent biodegradable (think spandex.)

Although because of the spandex this has one of the best-reported fits. But honestly, it seems the leak guard could be improved because some reviews make mention of the dreaded blow-out.

All of the listed ingredients are mostly biodegradable but not as friendly as most other options on the list.

Honest Diapers are reasonably priced and they are carried at most retailers that carry diapers. I personally cannot get over the awesome and cute designs in every package.

They really catch your eye and all other parents have asked me about them when they view them. It is great to talk about how environmentally friendly they are and ridiculously stylish.

7. Eco by Naty

Eco by Naty Premium Disposable Baby Diapers for Sensitive Skin, Size Newborn, 4 Packs of 25 (100 Diapers) (Chemical, dioxin, Fragrance Free)

Eco by Naty, in my experience, have some great features like a close fit and decent absorbency (there are a couple of reviews of drainage on the outside.) They are, however, some of the scratchiest natural diapers on the market.

While it is a given they are would not be as comfy as their less environmentally friendly counterparts, Naty’s are more than averagely rough. That being said, they are completely biodegradable with no chemicals or latex.

One hundred percent natural with no chlorine, fragrance, or GMOs. All of the materials used are natural and renewable. If you are one for fun prints, these diapers are also particularly adorable.

A good place to touch on is their price. They are in the middle of the price range of this list so they are not breaking the bank, but there are better-priced products we’ve discussed so far.

8. Broody Chick

Broody Chick 100% Natural Fully Compostable Diapers Jumbo Box (Junior 26.5 - 55.1 lbs. (96-Count))

Biodegradable diapers from Broody Chick, while having a very low environmental impact, are definitely on the pricier side.

They are completely natural, hypo-allergenic and one hundred percent biodegradable. Sizing is off with this brand; the fit is reported to not be very good and the small sizes run a little too large.

This is not a good reflection on the product since the price is above most others in the market. We are talking the highest on this entire list, which plays its part in placing Broody Chick so low on the list.

The good and bad qualities of this product do not exactly translate into their steep price.

What is impressive about these diapers is the fact that they can be added to compost. That is if you actually compost (I have a garden and I often forget myself and settle with leftover coffee grounds.)

This is, in part, because of the absorbent center of Broody Chick’s diapers which are made of wood pulp and a plant-based gel.


There are many choices for biodegradable diapers and some of the best are outlined above. If you want to become environmentally conscious, but still want the convenience of disposable diapers-biodegradable are right for you!

Our personal favorites are laid out above and I personally love the Andy Pandy for price and the Bambo Nature for having everything out in the open!

When a company can put all of its ingredients on its packaging there leaves little fault to be found with their claims of all-natural.

Stop feeling bad every time you don’t use a cloth diaper! We do not have to force ourselves to have to deal with the harsh and gross reality of cloth diapers -especially if you don’t have a washer. There are other viable eco-friendly choices.

The environmental impact of unnatural diapers is getting out of hand- but we can make our own small difference by switching to biodegradable. Change the world, one poopy diaper at a time.

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