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6 Best Breast Pumps for Twins Mothers of Multiples Trust

Pumping for two is made easy by using a good breast pump. Below are the 6 best breast pumps on the market for mothers of twins.

Spectra S2 Double Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA - S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump, Double/Single, Hospital Strength

You might be wondering how you will be able to produce enough milk for two babies…the Spectra S2 is how! Lactation consultants, pump specialists, and twin moms will all point you to the Spectra S2.

Simply put, the Spectra S2 is a hospital grade pump (closed system pump with a powerful, dual-piston motor) at a personal grade price.

Whether you plan to pump exclusively or are just looking to help build your supply, a strong and durable pump is essential for breastfeeding twins and this pump is a workhorse. You’ve got two mouths to feed mama! Don’t rely on a weak, personal pump to get the job done.

The Spectra S2 functions as a double or single electric breast pump that allows you to customize suction and cycles per minute. It works with your body to yield the most milk possible.  Breastfeeding mothers find that this pump expresses more milk and in less time than other pumps in its price range and some even felt that it performed as well as hospital grade pumps well outside of its price range (i.e. the Medela Symphony).

For all of its power, the Spectra is fairly compact. The S2 has a 12V AC power adaptor, so you need to plug it in to operate.

If the ability to run on battery is important to you, then you may consider its sister, the Spectra S1. Of course, you want to keep your collection process as clean as possible, and a closed system prevents airflow between your milk and the tubing.

Though it may seem not important now, the Spectra is fairly quiet and has a night light with two brightness settings.

After tip-toeing away from the crib like you are walking on hot coals you aren’t going to take any chances of waking baby up with a loud machine! There is a display screen that shows how long you have been pumping, and the machine will automatically turn off after thirty minutes to give your poor breasts a break.

Your order will include the tubing, 24 and 28mm flanges, valves, and collection bottles with nipples. The bottles can be refrigerated or even frozen for later use. One feature that moms love about the S2 is that it memorizes the settings from your previous pumping session so you don’t need to change them every time.


  • Customized number of cycles per minute and suction
  • Switch back and forth between let-down mode and expression mode with a touch of a button
  • The machine remembers your preferences from the last pumping session
  • Quiet (compared to other pumps of its caliber)
  • Strong and durable
  • More natural feeling than similar pumps
  • Closed system prevents airflow between milk and tubing
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good customer service
  • The digital screen shows a timer for pumping session and machine automatically shuts off after 30 minutes
  • Includes nightlight for less disruptive late-night pumping


  • Each backflow protector has three components, in other words, more parts to wash!
  • Bottles included are not great, and some found the caps to be leaky. Note: The flanges do fit on Philips Avent bottles too! Alternatively, you can purchase an aftermarket wide-to-narrow adaptor online and pump into narrow-necked bottles such as Medela.
  • Spectra flanges are not everyone’s favorites. They don’t have in between sizes, they don’t work well for hands-free pumping, and they aren’t sold separately. But hang on! Once again you can purchase great aftermarket supplies online to get the flanges you want or adapt the ones you already have and love to work with your machine.
  • Some users would like to see another bottle holder on top…maybe just use it for the water you need to chug to maintain your twin supply…gulp!
  • The little plugs for switching between double and single pumping are kind of hard to get fingers into

Medela Pump In Style Advanced with On the Go Tote

Planning to pump when you return to work? You go girl! This kit has everything the career woman needs to pump for her twins on-the-go.

A double-electric breast pump is built into a tote bag, into which also fits your flanges, tubing, power cord, four bottles, and cooler with contoured ice packs.

The bag helps you stay organized with pockets designated for holding extra bottles and tubing-good if you are someone whose purse has a ball of clutter growing so fast you fear getting sucked in.

Bonus: this pump accommodates 8 AA batteries (not included) so you have the option of pumping when outlets are nowhere to be found. Goodies aside, this pump means business.

With two-phase expression technology (let-down mode and expression mode) you can get the most milk out of your pumping session. Switching between modes is kept simple with the touch of a button.

During expression mode, you can customize the suction to your comfort level-a statement to which nipples everywhere just sighed with relief!

The Medela Pump-in-Style, while far from being featured on the runway, is durable enough to withstand multiple pumping sessions every day and powerful enough to maintain a twin-level of milk.

So whether you are pumping for daycare or exclusively pumping for twins, the Medela PISA should serve you right.


  • Kit comes with everything needed to pump away from home
  • Choice of AA batteries or plug-in for power supply
  • Strength and durability is on par with the Spectra for maintaining milk supply and pumping frequently
  • 2-phase expression technology helps maximize milk output
  • Medela parts are readily available in retail stores for last minute pumping emergencies


  • Cannot customize suction and speed individually
  • Some users found suction to be less comfortable than the Spectra
  • Does not have a timer for your pumping session

Spectra S9

Spectra S9

A portable pump is a great idea for either full-time pumpers who need to pump away from home occasionally or part-time pumpers who only need to empty occasionally and are not pumping to maintain their milk supply.

Like a paper plate, there is a time and a place when using one is just easier and works just as well, but you aren’t going to get rid of all of your dishes!  While some of the more powerful pumps have the option to run on battery, they are not exactly compact.

These small portable pumps are great for travel so you can toss it in your purse and pump anywhere at anytime-plane, train, or automobile!

The Spectra S9 looks like the first iPod ever…now breast pumps are the size of an iPod and an iPod is the size of a postage stamp (Millenials, we may be the last generation to know what iPods OR  postage stamps are).

The S9 has the same overall feel as the S2, with 10 different suction settings and a one-touch let-down button.

Your settings can be viewed on an LED screen that includes a timer, because time flies when you are having fun….The best part is that this little guy weighs in at just ½ lb! And don’t let the size fool you, the rechargeable battery will get you through up to three hours of pumping before needing to refuel.


  • Small, light, and portable
  • Great for part-time pumping and travel
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with good battery life (about 3 hours)
  • LED screen with timer
  • Switch between let-down mode and expression mode with customizable suction at the touch of a user-friendly button
  • Can use as a single or double electric breast pump
  • Similar to Medela freestyle but less expensive
  • Hospital grade filter


  • Only meant for part-time pumping or travel, this pump should not be relied on for keeping up supply and exclusively pumping for twins

Ardo Calypso Double Electric Breast Pump

Ardo medical Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump

The Ardo Calypso is the band playing at the pub that you say “Who are these guys? They really rock!” and nobody has ever heard of them.

Well, Ardo has been heard of and trusted internationally, but doesn’t crop up much in American conversation around rock star names like Medela and Spectra.  Yet, the Calypso is a great pump offered in the United States by reputable medical suppliers and various online vendors.

The most loved feature of the Calypso? The sound. Or rather, the lack thereof.

The Ardo Calypso is the most quiet single/double electric breast pump available. The speed and vacuum settings can be individually adjusted to stimulate let-down and express milk, though there is no one-touch button to switch back and forth.

The pump is rigorous enough to help establish milk supply and pump frequently, though may not be AS powerful as the Medela PISA or Spectra if you plan to pump exclusively for twins. Still, mothers who have pumped with the Calypso found they got a good yield of milk but their breasts were a lot more comfortable than with other pumps.

This is due to silicone massage inserts within the flanges, a less common feature in electric pumps, that cushion the breast and help provide good seal and suction.

For its relative power, the Calypso is fairly small and light plus you have the option of running it on AA batteries making the Calypso a great option for pumping at work or travel.

Even with the small surface area of the pump, Ardo managed to fit two bottle holders on top, which makes nervous moms happy so they can unplug the tubing without worrying about spilling that liquid gold.


  • Quietest electric pump on the market
  • Simple, light, portable
  • Closed system
  • Separate controls for speed and vacuum
  • Silicone massage insert
  • Comes with multiple flange sizes
  • Option for battery power (AA batteries)
  • Has 2 bottle stands
  • Option to pump one or both sides, and tubing is easy to access to switch back and forth


  • No built-in timers
  • No letdown button so you need to go back and forth manually which can be tricky while holding flanges

BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump (Mom's Choice Award Winner), with IDC (Independent Dual Control)

We’ve all heard that mother’s milk is liquid gold but why does it seem that you need to melt down your gold jewelry to buy a breast pump? If the price is the motivating factor behind your pump purchase, consider the BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump.

As a mother of twins, you still need a strong and effective pump, but if you aren’t pumping exclusively then you can swing for a pump that doesn’t break the bank. The Effective Pro is the only pump in this review where you can control suction and speed for each breast separately!

You can lighten up on a sore nipple while maintaining a strong suction on the other one. Unlike other models, you can also select to pump one or both sides WITHOUT changing the tubing arrangement.

For exclusive pumpers, this motor doesn’t have the longevity of the Spectra or the Medela PISA, but for twin moms looking to establish supply, pump occasionally for outings, or boost supply from time to time, this pump will work well for you.

The motor is not very quiet, but for those who aren’t pumping around the clock this shouldn’t be a problem. Some twin moms have used this in conjunction with another pump who have used the BelleMa found it to be


  • Pads in flanges for comfort and suction efficiency
  • Only pump that can customize settings for each breast and choose to pump one side without changing the tubing
  • Good price
  • Strong


  • Louder than other pumps reviewed
  • Less durable than Spectra S2 or Medela PISA for extended use
  • Some found the parts a bit cumbersome to wash

 Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

While during your first few months with twins you may revert to hermit status, you WILL, eventually, leave your house.

If you aren’t planning to pump a lot (i.e. exclusively for one or both babes) then you may not see the need to purchase a whole travel pump such as the Spectra S9 or Medela Freestyle, but you will still have occasions when you need to empty out your breasts away from home and/or twins.

Having, at the very least, a manual breast pump in case of emergency is a very good idea. A quality manual breast pump is what you need in that situation and the Philips Avent Manual is just the ticket.

The components easily fit together into one, lightweight unit that can be tossed into a bag or large purse. The flange is designed to collect milk without you stooping forward so you can save your back!

Also with comfort in mind, Philips included a silicone massage cushion in the flange that also helps stimulate let-down.


  • Good for relieving engorgement for mothers who do not regularly pump
  • Great to keep in the diaper bag or purse for occasional on-the-go pumping
  • Some twin moms even just carry one around to sneak a couple of ounces out in between feedings for your freezer stash-no power supply necessary!


  • Only comes with one flange size
  • Some users found levers to be a bit squeaky
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