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30 Trendy Places to Have a Baby Shower (best venue ideas for 2022!)

So, you are planning a baby shower and you’re not quite sure where to host it.

I get it.

Planning a baby shower can be more stressful than trying to fit into your favorite jeans after Christmas! It comes with plenty of things to consider and decisions to be made (not to mention find the perfect gift for the generous hostess!)

Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of venue ideas that will make the decision-making process a little easier for you. Whether you are looking to host a classy and elegant or a minimalistic budget-friendly baby shower, you will be sure to find a venue that’ll fit your needs and budget.

So let’s jump right in and look at some of the best places to hold a baby shower!

1. A Botanical Garden

Picture this, a beautiful late afternoon summer’s day with flowers, gardens, water fountains, and the cheerful chirps of birds in the background – wouldn’t this just make a perfect venue for a baby shower? I think so too.

You see, botanical gardens make unique baby shower venues, but they are oftentimes overlooked. And if the mommy-to-be has green fingers and loves to be out and about in nature, this is a venue that will not disappoint.

Botanical gardens are the perfect sweet spot between elegant and simple. Minimal décor will be required as these glorious gardens boast beautiful plants and flowers that make lovely backdrops for stunning photos – making the baby shower all the more memorable.

2. A Farm/Barn

If your only association with a farm is a swarm of flies and the scent of cow manure, think again!

Fortunately, not all farms fit this profile and I promise that not all farms have a bad odor. In fact, barns and farms are gaining popularity for all kinds of celebrations, and a baby shower is no exception.

Barns can create a perfect rustic homey vibe. Some farms are even ideally located with some nearby forests, mountains, vineyards, orchids, or even sunflower fields, which makes for beautiful photos.

In terms of baby shower themes, a farm can work well for an all-out farm-themed baby shower like ‘Old McDonald’, down on the farm, or even a tractor theme.

Moreover, guests could be encouraged to bring stuffed farm animals or a farm book as a present for the little one.

3. Someone’s House or Backyard

Arguably the most popular choice, holding a baby shower at your home or the home of a relative or close friend is always an option.

And it’s no wonder, it’s pretty convenient and typically free! Not to mention that you have full carte blanche over the decorations and the menu.

A big downside, however, is that you will be responsible for the cleanup afterward.

If the weather permits, and you have a big backyard available you can even utilize this space to create a nice intimate outdoorsy baby shower which would be match nicely with some twin themes.

4. Rent an Airbnb

If you like the idea of hosting the baby shower in a home but aren’t thrilled with your options, an Airbnb will be your best bet!

Regardless of whether you’re desiring a historical home, a glamorous mansion, or quaint cottage, Airbnb is sure to come through with plenty of fabulous options.

Pro tip: Why not turn your rental into a fun slumber party for the mother-to-be and her closest female friends and family members for the night before the event?

5. The Clubhouse

Clubhouses can make the perfect venue to host a baby shower if an element of casual sophistication is of importance to the host and/or mom-to-be.

If you, someone you know, or the parents-to-be are members of the local tennis or golf clubs, then this should be your go-to. If it’s at a golf club, the men can enjoy a round of golf, while the ladies can enjoy their event without worrying about what their husbands are up to.

Clubhouse baby showers can feel very exclusive and fancy. It also has the added benefit of privacy, which allows you to play as many games at the event as you’d like.

Now in terms of services, some clubhouses do offer food and drinking options so be sure to call ahead to find out what options are available if you are not sure.

6. A Restaurant or Café

Restaurants are a great place to hold a baby shower because you do not have to worry about what to eat. You also have the option to book the entire venue, make a reservation for a few tables, or book one large table.

Though this option might be a bit more expensive than some of the other venue options, it does save a lot of time and energy in preparing the venue and cleaning up afterward. Just be sure to book a table well in advance and maybe even ask for a group discount.

Also, keep in mind that the baby shower will not be private and that your options for games might be limited.

A small tip: If you want to save some money, consider asking the guests to pay for their own meals. You can then pay for the drinks.

7. A Cooking Academy/Professional Kitchen

While a restaurant makes an easy and great suggestion for some, expectant mothers with a passion for cooking or who aspire to become better home chefs may thoroughly enjoy getting to cook alongside a chef during their baby shower!

Many culinary schools offer private lessons alongside esteemed chefs where a small group can work together to create a fabulous meal which they in turn all enjoy upon completion.

This activity can be a fun way for family and friends to bond and sharpen their skills in the kitchen, however, it is probably best for smaller groups of less than 20.

And once everyone has finished enjoying a Michelin Star worthy meal, presents can be opened in the dining room that typically sits aside the professional kitchen.

8. A Local Park

If you live near a beautiful park, why not keep it simple and have the baby shower there? A park is an excellent option for a baby shower venue and it adds a bit of local flavor.

Although this venue can be completely free, it is important to take the season and weather forecast into consideration. A park baby shower is ideal in the spring and fall.

If your guests have kids and plan to bring them along this is a good option as well. There will be a lot of open space for kids to run around and play.

However, a downside to this is the cleanup afterward and that the presents will have to be carried to the car.

9. A Rooftop Terrace

I don’t know about you, but having a baby shower on a rooftop with a breathtaking city view is definitely something I would consider very unique.

And if you’re looking to throw a cozy baby shower in the summer? Well, then this could be the perfect option for you if you want to capitalize on fabulous weather!

Think of it this way, you get to be outdoors but still have some shade and seating available for the guests. Additionally, this simplistic venue allows for virtually any decoration style of your choice.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that these venues are typically very popular in the summer season and it might be necessary to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

10. A Picnic in Nature

For those who like the idea of dining outdoors without having to pay a venue, this option is for you!

Ask your guests to bring a picnic blanket to sit under some trees. This could make for a very laid-back baby shower with heaps of fresh air, the laughter of children playing, and maybe even some ducks quacking in a nearby pond.

A potluck-style picnic where everyone brings food and drinks to share could work well for a close-knit group of friends and family. This option is not only budget-friendly but allows everyone to be part of the arrangements of the special day.

11. A Tea Room

If I think about a typical tea room, the words that come to mind are fancy, elegant, classy, and maybe even cozy. This is a great venue for an intimate private baby shower.

Surrounded by fine china and elegant décor, this baby shower venue will definitely rise to the occasion.

A bonus is that there’s no need to prepare anything as the venue takes care of the tea and snacks and you only have to settle the bill afterward.

And to make the day even more fun, why not have a high-tea-themed baby shower to go with this elite venue?

12. An Art-related Venue

Is the mommy-to-be an art lover? Then you should definitely consider holding the baby shower at an art museum or gallery!

A gallery or art museum could add an exquisite and elegant flair to the baby shower that you are hosting. Not to mention, the art would make a very unique backdrop for some exciting photos.

And if the mommy-to-be is quite artsy herself, it might be fun to go to an art studio to do some type of arts and crafts activity together as a group. There’s a vast selection of some nifty crafts that you can do on the day, from pottery to painting or even mosaic.

13. A Chic Tent

Don’t worry I’m not suggesting a camping trip! Outdoor tents are actually quite popular and could make for quite a cozy setting.

With ample room to fit in a few tables and chairs, this could be a cute option for an outdoor baby shower. This is an ideal solution when you already have a perfect location in mind with an outdoor setting and you just need some “roofing” or shade.

Tents give a bit of flexibility weather-wise, on a hot summer day you can get a tent that’s open on the sides, and on colder chilly days, you’d want to be sure to rent a tent with closed or windowed sides with some heating units inside.  

14. Spa Day or Nail Salon Baby Shower

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing that makes me forget all about life’s troubles more than a nice spa day.

So, why not pamper mommy-to-be for her final moments of peace before the little bundle of joy arrives? Additionally, should the mother be expecting multiples, this idea can be especially appreciated given the added stress on her body.

A spa or nail salon has a cozy and relaxing atmosphere that will surely make a lasting impression on mommy and guests alike. Though game options might be limited (depending on the setting of the spa), there won’t be a shortage of fun with this unique baby shower venue.

15. The Zoo

Though this might not be a convenient place to hold a baby shower, it does have some great features that could make it ideal…

Dads can take the kids to walk around the zoo and see some animals, whilst moms can enjoy the company of their girlfriends and celebrate the mom-to-be’s new arrival.

What makes this location so unique is that it goes well with baby animal themes.

However, keep in mind that privacy might be an issue and that you might not have the luxury of a three-course meal or a high-tea kind of vibe, this is a family-friendly environment that will be sure to entertain guests of all ages.

16. A Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens are arguably some of the most beautiful venues around! From their sparkling koi ponds to exotic pagodas… they’re certainly a feast for the eyes and make for fabulous backdrops for any photography.

If you are fortunate enough to live near one, you’ll need to reach out to a department head to inquire about the cost of hosting your baby shower there.

You’ll also be wise to inquire about any tours that can be added to the itinerary for your group as well.

Naturally, elegant finger foods and fresh teas will best suite a venue like this and will leave guests feeling as if they have been transported to another country!

17. The Church Hall

If the mom-to-be is a churchgoer and part of the church community, this might be an ideal venue. What’s more, this could be a very budget-friendly option as well…

Churches usually have everything from tables, chairs, kitchens, and sometimes even dishes and cutlery that will make arrangements a lot easier. The food, drinks, and décor will, however, be your own responsibility.

Seeing that churches usually have private rooms available for social events you can be sure to have the added benefit of privacy, nearby toilets, and easy parking for the guests that will be attending.

Just keep in mind that some churches might require that you or the mom-to-be be a member if you’d like to use the premises.

18. The Community Center

A community center is one of the best budget-friendly places to hold a baby shower. If you are lucky, some centers might even allow you to host your baby shower free of charge!

Most community centers offer both outdoor and indoor spaces to rent, so you can select one based on your needs. Indoor options usually have large rooms that can accommodate a large guest list.

Though these centers typically have all you would need like chairs and tables, food and décor will be your own responsibility. But, with some balloons and centerpieces, you’d be sure to have an adorable setting in two ticks.

Side note: remember to ask the center if they have some cleaning services available (usually at a small extra fee) to save yourself some clean-up after the party.

19. A Lake House

Lake House Baby Shower

There’s something about being in nature that just gets you to unwind and relax completely. If you live in the city, this could be an ideal venue to get away from the city buzz and enjoy a little peace and quiet. What’s more, this venue is cozy, intimate, and breathtaking!

If you don’t know of anyone that owns a lake house, there are still a lot of options that you can rent on services like AirBnB. You’d be surprised at some of the venues that are available!

Just make sure to keep all the guests, and especially the mommy-to-be in mind when you book a location, to ensure that it is convenient for all of them.

20. A Beach House

Now, if you’re not a big fan of higher altitudes or are lacking access to any pristine local lakes, then why not consider a beach house instead?

Of course, to make this baby shower venue possible you’ll have to be located relatively close to the ocean. A beach house will provide a gorgeous backdrop for photography, especially if timed with a sunset!

Furthermore, if kids and dad will be in attendance, a beach house allows for everyone to enjoy the scenery and stay busy with beach-related activities such as building sandcastles, grilling, playing in the surf, and more.

However, if you need to rent the property, you should be prepared to spend a little more than your typical baby shower given how hot real estate markets tend to be in coastal cities.

21. A Reception Venue

Nowadays you get all kinds of reception venues to fit almost any style and budget you can think of. And I mean, if it’s good enough to host a wedding, it’ll surely be glamorous enough to host a baby shower!

Whether in the city or out in the countryside, you’ll be sure to find at least one reception venue nearby.

The plus side of a reception venue is that everything from tables and chairs, to caterers, music, etc. will most likely be covered by the venue itself (if you prefer).

You might even have the option to have them decorate the venue for you, taking a lot of stress off of planning.

22. A Winery or Brewery

Though the mommy-to-be won’t be able to enjoy the drinks at one of these venues, she’ll surely enjoy the view!

Wineries usually have breathtaking views of the vineyards in the background, which will make beautiful photos. They also typically offer small snacks, and sometimes even a full restaurant menu.

Breweries on the other hand, usually offer modern décor with a hint of wood to give a nice charming vibe to the venue. 

Though I must admit that these seem like unlikely places to hold a baby shower, they will certainly live up to the greatest of expectations!

23. A Boat/Yacht

For a fun-filled day on the water, why not charter a boat or yacht as your baby shower venue?

A boat makes for a great way to take in local vistas and soak up some sun while spending time outdoors with close family and friends. Meanwhile, a yacht will provide an unconventional yet luxurious venue option.

Naturally, pricing will range quite a bit depending on exactly how big of a boat you need to accommodate guests. Although more expensive, an upside to chartering a yacht is that many will provide a full team on board to cater, serve drinks, and take care of every need during your time on the water.

If you decide to go this route, just make sure the expectant mother isn’t prone to sea sickness…

24. The Office

If you want to throw a baby shower for your co-worker, but you’re not exactly besties and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, keep it simple and have the baby shower in the office tea room. This could be a nice way to involve co-workers and to create a sense of ‘we care about you’ culture in the office.

For an office baby shower, there’s no need for extravagant décor. A few balloons, some cupcakes or cake slices, coffee and tea and you are good to go.

It might even be a good idea to get your colleagues to all chip in together and buy one present from the entire company.

25. Hotel or Bed and Breakfast

Hotel Baby Shower

Hotels come in all flavors and sizes and you are sure to find something that you like. Not only do you have thousands of hotels to choose from, but you also have different options within a specific hotel that you like, such as a meeting room or even an actual room for a getaway with the girls.

Though pillow fights will most likely not be part of the event, this could easily turn into a sleepover or pajama party (which will work so well as a baby shower theme).

Although this might be more on the pricier end of the scale, it does take a lot of pressure off since the hotel will take care of most of the arrangements, such as the food.

26. The Beach

A day out at the beach? Yes, please! I mean, who doesn’t love to be at the beach?

Picture this: a sunny day with an ocean backdrop, a fresh ocean breeze blowing through your hair, some sand between your toes, delicious food, and the company of some close family and friends all celebrating the mom-to-be.

It’s just magical, isn’t it?

Besides the gorgeous view, another plus is that minimal décor is needed to make the venue look up to par, just a few tables, and chairs, or even some picnic blankets, maybe some balloons or flowers, cutlery, and serviettes, and you’re all set, really.

27. Unique Local Spots

Do you know of a unique local venue that would be perfect for hosting a baby shower? Why not be different and pick something out of the ordinary?!

Where I live, we have this very unique old and rustic flour factory from way back when that is now used for events of all shapes and sizes. If I had to choose a local spot to hold a baby shower, I’d pick this venue. It’s rustic and yet it’s sophisticated enough for a baby shower.

I mean, you might not have this exact venue where you are located, but we all have some local spots that are unique to the area we come from. These could be some heritage sites, museums, science centers, you name it.

And if you don’t know of some unique venues nearby, I’m sure Google can do the search for you.

BUT what if you don’t have the budget or space to accommodate a large group of people? Or perhaps other concerns like the health of your guests or mama-to-be are of concern?

If so, consider these final 2 options for where to host your baby shower…

28. Online/Virtual Baby Shower

This option is one of the favorites during the pandemic. Some of the advantages of a virtual baby shower are that it is free, far away guests can still attend, and the ease of setup and cleanup of the party.

The internet is also full of great ideas on how to throw an unforgettable virtual baby shower! In a virtual baby shower, the parents-to-be can create an online registry where people can shop and have the gifts delivered to them.

On the day of the baby shower, there will be a live event or Zoom call for all the guests, where all the gifts can be opened in front of the guests, and games can be played online.

29. Drive-by Baby Shower

During the pandemic, these options have gained increased popularity. Though I must admit that this was mostly not by choice, it still shows that a baby shower can be memorable even in the most impossible situations.

Besides working well in the pandemic, this option can work well if you have a large guest list, but your time is very limited.

Each guest can either have a timeframe allocated to them to give their wishes and presents to the parents-to-be, or a set timeframe for the entire event can be communicated to the guests, where they can come and drop off their gifts.

A drive-by baby shower is usually held at the house of the parents to be or the host of the baby shower.

30. Come-and-Go Baby Shower

Want to have a baby shower in the comfort of your home, but the space is too small? There’s no need to cut back on the guest list, just have a come-and-go baby shower.

The way a come-and-go baby shower works is that every guest comes to the baby shower for a certain amount of time and then leaves again. This could be the ideal solution for guests that do not see eye to eye.

Just make sure not to book miss grumpy and miss not so easily pleased in the same time slot and you can enjoy the peaceful baby shower every new mommy-to-be dreams of.

Wrapping Up Best Baby Shower Venue Ideas

In conclusion, finding the best baby shower for you all comes down to your preference, the size of the guest list, the weather, the budget, possibly even the travel distance, and of course the availability of the venue.

There really are no rules to where you can or can’t have a baby shower. Just as long as the mommy-to-be is comfortable and enjoys herself, you’ve hosted a successful event.

I hope that this list has aided you in your decision-making process and that you end up having a baby shower that you enjoy and are proud of.

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