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8 Best Twin Diaper Bags You CAN’T Live Without (Mom & Dad Approved!)

Choosing a good diaper bag for twins should be neither intimidating nor confusing. Just shove some diapers and wipes in a bag and you’re good to go, right?

Well, sure, but having a diaper bag that is suited to the needs of you and your family will definitely make life easier. It’s not a magic bag, but quickly pulling out a full bottle for a hungry baby or a damp wipe for messy “situation” can make everyone more cheerful.

Gone are the days when you had to say goodbye to the idea of carrying a lovely bag that might match something in your closet in lieu of lugging around tote bag holding baby essentials. Today’s options are stylish and practical. Magical indeed!

When choosing a diaper bag for twins though, things get slightly more complicated. Double the pacifiers, bottles and wipes and you’ve got what looks like paraphernalia for a month.

Don’t despair, my dear mommy friend, help is on the way. Consider a few options, choose a style and abracadabra, you’re on your way.

How to Choose the Best Diaper Bag for You and Your Twins

Don’t make this too complicated. Consider four things:  size, travel, looks, and price.


First, size. I know you have twins but do you really need that suitcase? If you’ll be gone all day with your twins, then maybe. But, you can probably get away with a bigger than average diaper bag.

You don’t have to put the twins IN the bag, after all.

In this category, you should also consider pockets and pouches. Bags with designated spots for bottles, wipes and even your cell phone and wallet definitely keep things tidy and thus make your life more pleasant.

When you’re sleep-deprived, seeing the empty spot that usually holds burp cloths can help you remember to pack them. We all need helpful reminders like that.

Also, while it shouldn’t make or break your decision toward one bag or another, you should consider how heavy the bag is when it’s empty.

You’re going to be building up some serious biceps from schlepping around two babies without even including their stuff. So, I’ve included the dimensions and weight of each bag just for comparison.


How are you going to carry this thing? Will it mostly be carried by you? Dad? Or, will it hang on the stroller? Do you want a backpack-style or messenger bag?

You’ll need to make sure your bag can conform to your needs. The potential for hands-free carrying is always a plus. When your twins start walking you’ll be glad.


Though you can probably still find a diaper bag with Winnie the Pooh on it, do you really want one?

Are you concerned about your bag clashing with the babies’ car seats? Do you want to make sure it can be washed?

Would your husband be willing to carry it? These are just a few important things to consider regarding the appearance.


Lastly, how much do you want to spend?

You could spend almost $1700 (yes, you read that right) on a Gucci Supreme Diaper Bag, but should you? Will that cut into the college fund too much? Would you rather have a Gucci diaper bag or go on vacation?

You may want to spend a little more on a quality bag that won’t fall apart, literally, at the seams, but use good sense. You have two little ones to think about.

Now, The List in No Particular Order

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps, Changing Pad and Sundry Bag - Grey

First off, the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack. This roomy backpack style diaper bag has a place for everything with 14 pockets. You can carry it on your shoulders or clip it to your stroller.

The bag is water-resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty. Bag Nation even boasts, “Buy with confidence, we stick by our products and customers no matter what. Our outstanding support team is only a message away.”

The Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is made of high-quality water-resistant twill fabric with seams that won’t fray and strong zippers that should last for these twins and your next baby too. While I don’t think this bag is super cute, all the many pockets will surely make up for that.

You’ll feel super cute (or super and cute!) when you can produce a much-needed wipe as if from thin air. The Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is 17 inches tall, 14 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep. It weighs 2.4 lbs.



14 pockets including a dedicated wipes pocket Comes only in black or grey
Insulated bottle pocket
Large changing pad
Adjustable straps for carrying as a backpack or attaching to your stroller

Diaper Bag by Hip Cub

Diaper Bag by Hip Cub - Baby Changing Pad - Black/White Stripe W/Cute Tan Trim

Next, the Diaper Bag by Hip Cub. This is an adorable bag with handles, a shoulder strap or adjustable straps for attaching to a stroller. There are external zippered pockets for easy access and Hip Cub carries a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Hip Cub says, “At Hip Cub we are so confident that you will love our diaper bags that we offer a 90-day satisfaction 100% money-back guarantee!”

This striped bag looks like a super functional and trendy purse, not an organizational workhorse that keeps you sane on trips out of the house with your twins. The Hip Cub bag is designed to be comfortable and useful, in short, the best diaper bag on the market.

However, the Hip Cub Diaper Bag wants to offer style and function without being too large or bulky. This diaper bag is 13.5 inches tall, 14.5 inches wide and 1.6 inches deep. It weighs in at 1.6 lbs.



Adorable look and design Comes in black and blue
Outer zippered pockets 7 pockets total
Adjustable straps for attaching to a stroller or carrying on your shoulder
The main compartment zips closed

Hap Tim Multi-function Large Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

HapTim Multi-Function Large Baby Diaper Bag Backpack W/Stroller Straps-Insulated Pockets-Changing Pad, Stylish & Durable with Anti-Water Material(Gray-5284)

Next up, the Hap Tim Multi-function Large Baby Diaper Bag Backpack.

This large diaper bag features handles, backpack straps and straps for attaching the bag to your stroller, lots of options.

It’s huge, comfortable, cute and has 18 pockets. This bag looks like a backpack, not a diaper bag and the asymmetrical outer pocket adds a nice zing to the appearance. Anyone, male or female, should be happy to carry it.

The Hap Tim Diaper Bag is made of high-quality nylon garment fabric, has seams that don’t fray and strong zippers to last for years.

The Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack comes with a 30-day free exchange and returns policy plus a 90-day warranty. This bag is 18 inches tall, 14 inches wide and 7.9 inches deep. It weighs 2.2 lbs.



18 pockets! Colors:  grey and dark grey (come on!)
Satisfaction guarantee
Insulated bottle pockets

Parker Baby Co. Diaper Backpack

The Parker Baby Co. (formerly the Good Baby) Diaper Backpack is next on my list with a cute two-toned exterior and wipe-clean interior. The interior also features a padded laptop pocket and 10 more pockets for organizing all baby’s stuff.

There are insulated side pockets for bottles and even a “mommy pocket”, a designated spot for your wallet, keys, and phone. There are also mesh organizer pockets for diapers and wipes, a changing pad and hooks for attaching the bag to your stroller.

This designer backpack is functional and stylish made of high quality, durable materials. The outside of the bag is made of waterproof canvas with vegan leather accents. The inside is made of water-resistant polyester.

The top of the backpack zips closed for extra security when you’re out and about. The Parker Baby Co Diaper Backpack comes with a free six-month warranty once you register the bag on their website. This bag is 16.5 inches tall, 13.5 inches wide and 7 inches deep. It weighs 2.5 lbs.



A pocket for every item The white exterior may look dirty quickly
Adjustable straps for carrying as a backpack or attaching to your stroller
Roomy enough for the twins’ necessities and your essentials too
Made of waterproof canvas

7SENSES Diaper Nappy Bag for Girls and Boys

Diaper Bag for Girls and Boys - Large Capacity Baby Bag - Nappy Bag - Diaper Tote - Plus Changing Pad, Stroller Straps and 10 Pockets - Best Baby Shower Gift by 7Senses (Grey)

Next is the 7SENSES Nappy Bag. Cute name. This is a spacious bag with matching changing pad and stroller straps. It features 10 pockets with one insulated pocket for bottles or snacks.

There is a zipper closure for the main compartment, 2 big lateral magnetic closure pockets, 2 side external pockets, and 5 interior pockets.

7SENSES says, “Quality is one of our greatest priorities: from initial idea to final product. It is our aim to always exceed our customers’ expectations on quality.”

This looks more like a traditional diaper bag, but it is very attractive and should be easy to carry, or to convince your husband to carry. You can carry this bag by two handles, a shoulder strap or you can clip it to your stroller.

This diaper bag is made of premium grey canvas with brown leather accents and the best quality zipper. The 7SENSES Nappy Bag is 17 inches tall, 13 inches wide and 7 inches deep. It weighs in at 2.56 lbs.



10 roomy pockets Only comes in grey
Adjustable straps and stroller straps May be a tad heavy
Roomy enough for baby’s things and yours too
Matching changing pad

JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag

JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag with No Slip Grips and Multiple Pockets, Gray Heather

And, last, but not least, the JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag. This bag is beautifully designed and looks like a messenger bag, not a diaper bag. There are convenient pockets inside and out including easy-access front zippered pockets and exterior bottle pockets. The JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag is available in several colors, patterns, and fabrics.

Removable, adjustable, and padded straps allow you to carry the bag as a messenger bag or backpack. The straps sit perfectly and won’t bother your shoulders even when the bag is full. Grips stroller attachments allow you to clip the bag to your stroller.

The JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag is easy to clean with a damp cloth inside and out. This bag is 15 inches high, 15 inches wide and 5 inches deep and weighs 1.6 lbs.



Available in several colors and patterns The inside magnetic pouch may be hard to close
10 pockets
External bottle pockets
Convertible straps for carrying as a backpack, messenger bag or attached to the stroller

What and How to Pack

Before I set you free to go exploring, or just go on your first outing with those adorable twins, a quick word on what to pack in that awesome bag and how to do it.

Of course, you need diapers, wipes, bottles, burp cloths, and toys.  But, you should also take extra clothes, for the babies and you.  At least stick an extra shirt in for yourself, you never know what misfortune may befall, so having a bit of a back up is always a good idea.

Use zip-top plastic bags for the clothes and food you bring, that way you have a built-in place to stash dirty, yucky stuff.

If you nurse your babies, you’ll want nursing pads and if you use formula, the formula and a bottle of water or two.  That way you won’t be panicked trying to find water you think is clean enough for the babies to drink.

Hand sanitizer is always a good idea as is your phone.

Do your best to avoid stacking things up in the bag.  You don’t want to spend valuable minutes searching for the screaming twins’ favorite rattle mid-meltdown.  You want to be able to reach in and pull out exactly what you want.

Now You’re Ready

Now you know all you ever needed to know to go out and buy the best diaper bag for your twins.

Choose wisely, my friend, because you’ll be glued to this bag for a long time.  You can treasure the hope of one day carrying a cute, tiny purse again.

But, until then, find a bag you love, step out into the beautiful world and be confident that all the magic you need is right at your fingertips.

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