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10 Quintessential Twin Pregnancy Books Expectant Mothers MUST Read

Are you pregnant with twins? Here are the best books to read when you’re expecting twins.

Book #1: When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads

When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads 4th Edition: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy

This book comes highly recommended by a lot of moms for maintaining a healthy twin pregnancy.

Though you should always consult with your OB, “When you’re expecting twins, triplets, or quads” walks you through the dietary needs of a mamma growing two (or more) babies inside! Inside you will find lots of tasty recipes for fueling up while pregnant with twins.

Additionally, you will learn about appropriate exercise for moms expecting multiples including exercises you can do if on bedrest.  There is tons of information stuffed between the covers about carrying twin fetuses, plus delivering and bringing home two babies.

Be forewarned, this book is heavily guided by medical research and it reads as such.  Some moms found the advice a bit heavy-handed for carrying twins (perhaps the calorie/bedrest needs are greater for higher order multiples), so be sure to consult with your doctor if you are worried about your weight gain- every mom and every baby is different!

Book #2: Twins & Multiple Births: The Essential Parenting Guide from Pregnancy to Adulthood

Twins & Multiple Births: The Essential Parenting Guide from Pregnancy to Adulthood

Though this book certainly covers twin pregnancy and the challenges of parenting newborn twins, what sets Dr. Cooper’s guide apart from other such twin manuals is that it covers the challenges of raising twins past infancy and into adulthood.  As the title denotes, this is first and foremost a parenting guide.

Today, many parents still play an integral role in the lives of their children well into adulthood, and Dr. Cooper, a general practitioner and mother of twins herself, realizes that.

Whether you are struggling to navigate pre-school years or pre-teen years with twins, Dr. Cooper has you covered! She understands the special situations that arise as a result of being a twin and explains, in a professional but familiar voice, how parents can nurture these psychological differences for well-adjusted individuals.

Book #3: Raising Twins: Parenting Multiples from Pregnancy Through the School Years

Raising Twins: Parenting Multiples from Pregnancy Through the School Years

Author Dr. Flais is a pediatrician and mother of twins, and as a result “Raising Twins…” is full of the wisdom of both Flais herself as well as the many twin families with whom she has practiced.  Combining sound medical advice with firsthand experience, “Raising Twins…” is truly accessible and pleasurable to read.

What’s more, “Raising Twins…” is a one-stop shop for twin reference material: nearly every twin topic you can imagine, plus some you probably can not, are discussed in great detail.

You will read about everything from pregnancy, to gear checklists, feeding and sleeping options to dealing with colic, potty training, classroom placement, and traveling with twins.

Reading Flais feels like talking to a friend with twins; nested within the logistics you will also find humor, support, and understanding of the emotional impact that raising twins has on both kids and parents.

Parents who have read “Raising Twins…” appreciate that it presents all of the options that parents have for raising twins, fully embracing the idea that all families have different needs.

For this reason, it is also highly recommended for those who already have children and are welcoming two more into their family!

4. What to do When You’re Having Two: the Twin’s Survival Guide from Pregnancy Through the First Year

What to do When You're Having Two

Authored by Natalie Diaz, founder of the website Twiniversity, “What to do when you’re having two…” is perhaps the most highly recommended book by experienced parents to those expecting twins. If you are only going to buy one book, buy this one. It isn’t only helpful, but also fun to read.

Raising twins ain’t easy…but it doesn’t have to be scary! It seems like a lot of the pregnancy and parenting books on twins amplify anxiety rather than assuage it, but this is not one of those books.

Diaz has a warm and conversational tone, sharing advice and personal narratives that are drenched with the sort of humor that keeps twin parents afloat.  Moms expecting twins: tote a copy (available in print, Kindle, or audiobook!) along to your many Dr. appointments to start preparing for twins while you pass the time in the waiting room!

When you are done, pass it along for Dad or the grandparents to enjoy as well-all can glean helpful tidbits from the wisdom of Diaz.  As the title suggests, this book primarily focuses on pregnancy, preparation, and logistics for newborn twins.

You will find practical advice such as creating a space for twins in your home, what you do and don’t need for twins, feeding and scheduling twins; but you will also learn about issues that reach beyond the nursery: financial planning, marital issues, and asking for help.

Hopefully after reading “What to do when you’re having two…” you feel confident in your ability to care for two baby humans-after all, being parents isn’t about striving for perfection but setting the foundation for health and happiness for the whole family.

5. What to Expect When You’re Expecting

What to Expect When You're Expecting

No expecting mother’s library is complete without the most recent rendition of the classic “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

This one isn’t written specifically for twins, although it does devote a whole chapter to multiples.

Twin pregnancy has a lot of overlap with single-pregnancies, so don’t overlook this oldie-but-goodie.

This is like an encyclopedia of pregnancy that you can grab when you are wondering: “Can I eat this?” and “What sort of questions should I ask my doctor?” or “What do my babies look like this month?” then finally “OMG…how are these babies going to get out?!”

All this and more will be answered by this book trusted by generations of mothers.  May your copy become dog-eared, well-loved, and passed on to help mothers to come!

6. Double Duty: The Parents’ Guide to Raising Twins from Pregnancy through the School Years

Double Duty: The Parents' Guide to Raising Twins, from Pregnancy through the School Years (2nd Edition)

For the expecting twin mama living in the now, this is the book for you! A lot of the twin books that encompass a similar timeframe (pregnancy through school years) the focus is skewed more towards what to do once the babies arrive.

“Double Duty…” goes into much greater depth about the different types of twins and what you need to know about twin pregnancy specifically. Still, the postpartum sections are not remiss!

They cover all the basics, feeding, sleeping, school and social issues, but they are also full of advice on practical topics that many books don’t delve into.

For example, you might read about how to keep your house from falling apart once you are caring for two babies, or how you should cook in advance and freeze meals before your twins arrive.

This sort of advice may actually be the most important when it comes to surviving twins. “Double Duty…” really covers everything but the kitchen sink!

7. My Twin Pregnancy Week-by-Week: The Ultimate Planner for Moms Expecting Twins

My Twin Pregnancy Week by Week: The Ultimate Planner for Moms Expecting Twins

From the author of “Double Duty: The Parent’s Guide to Raising Twins from Pregnancy through the School Years,” comes this week-by-week twin pregnancy guide and journal.

This is one of the only pregnancy journals geared specifically towards twins, and it is a fantastic resource.

Everything you should know about twin pregnancy is described in the text, which also provides healthy recipes and fill-in portions to keep track of your weight, symptoms, questions to ask your doctor, etc.

Each week has facts about twin pregnancy and to-do checklists. Also, there is a place to paste in a weekly picture of your growing baby-bump…awwwww!

There is so much to remember to do during pregnancy to take care of yourself, to take care of your growing babies, and to prepare for their arrival.  Add baby brain to the mix and it is pretty easy to lose track of everything! Help stay organized with “My Twin Pregnancy….Planner.”

8. Dad’s Guide to Raising Twins: How to Thrive as a Father of Twins

Dad's Guide to Raising Twins: How to Thrive as a Father of Twins

While you are waiting for those babies to be born, so is Dad! Why not give him something to read as well?

Twin Dad Joe Rawlinson candidly describes the trials and tribulations of fathering twins in his book “Dad’s Guide to Raising Twins…”

Fathers may not gestate and deliver two babies, but having twins is a life-changing ordeal for them too! Gift this book to the expecting twin-dad in your life so he can get a heads-up on what’s-a-coming for him in the first couple years of twin fatherhood.

While some of the more logistical advice might be found in other texts, this one is particularly accessible to the fellas (or really any partner who is playing a supporting role in raising twins) being written by a Dad for Dads.

How can he help with feeding the twins? Will he lead in the effort to potty train boy twins? How will he balance work-life and home-life when the twins arrive?

Joe describes the responsibilities of a twin dad with an air of love for the babies and respect for the mother.

All that is missing from this number, as is conspicuously absent from a lot of twin info-books, is advice on twin child-care.  There are working twin moms too!

9. Mothering Multiples 

Mother Multiples: Breastfeeding & Caring for Twins or More! (La Leche League International Book)

Promoted by the international breastfeeding resource La Leche League, “Mothering Multiples” is everything you need to know about breastfeeding twins.

This book is very pro-breastfeeding and swings heavily towards attachment-style parenting (i.e. co-sleeping, baby-wearing, etc.) which is great for some and not for all. Regardless of the approach you will take to parenting, if you are thinking of breastfeeding your twins this is an excellent resource.

Breastfeeding has such a learning curve for first-time mothers, and if twins are your first babies this book can really help set you up for success with breastfeeding.

It takes into account so many twin-specific considerations such as establishing a milk supply for two babies, how to tandem breastfeed, how to provide breastmilk for NICU babies, and more!

10. The Whole 9 Months: A Week-by-Week Pregnancy Nutrition Guide with Recipes for a Healthy Start 

The Whole 9 Months: A Week-By-Week Pregnancy Nutrition Guide with Recipes for a Healthy Start

While “When you’re expecting twins, triplets, or quads,” is the most common nutritional reference book for moms expecting multiples, “The Whole 9 Months…” is a good book for anyone expecting anything.

It is ultimately a cookbook, but the beginning chapters are devoted to explaining what the nutritional needs of a pregnant woman are, and what nutrients need to be consumed for a healthy mom and healthy baby.

While the added caloric needs of twin mums are addressed briefly, it isn’t geared specifically towards twins.

However, the recipes are very healthful and can be enjoyed by anyone!

There are many beautiful, colorful photographs throughout making it a pleasure to read, and some of the recipes are so enticing you might just keep it on your shelf long after your twins have arrived!

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