Meet the Team

Below you can learn more about our talented team of writers here at Modern Moms Club. After reading more about them, you should come to see that they are as qualified as they are passionate about helping mothers of all experience levels confidently navigate pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Writers and Editors

Emily Perez

As the eldest daughter amongst six kids, Emily honed her childcare skills from a young age spending countless hours babysitting, changing diapers, and caring for younger siblings. Naturally, this lead to Emily developing a strong passion for children which she pursued at the University of Texas where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Education with an emphasis on Early Childhood Development.

Today, Emily works as an Educational Consultant for a network of private preschools helping teachers successfully implement and develop age-targeted curriculum. Her biggest sense of pride comes from knowing she is able to empower teachers to truly make a difference in their young students’ lives.

When she’s not busy with work, Emily loves going for hikes with her family, trying her hand at new recipes, and cheering on her five and seven year old children at their soccer games on Saturdays.

Nancy Clark

A proud Southern grandma, Nancy possess decades of hands-on experience caring for children of all ages through running her own private daycare and raising three children and six grandchildren. From tackling the “terrible twos” to all-natural remedies for teething, colic, and more, Nancy believes she was born to be a caretaker and says her happiest memories in life are those of raising her children and grandchildren.

A former Labor and Delivery Nurse, Nancy always wanted to start her own business and knew that she would prefer a less “stressful” environment where she could interact and care for children. Through opening her own daycare, Nancy was able to retire early and help busy working moms and dads in her town feel at ease during the work week.

Leandri Vermaak

When her baby girl was born, Leandri decided to leave her career as a chemical engineer behind to become a stay-at-home mom. This freed her up to focus on her family, and on becoming a mompreneur, freelance writer, and artist.

She considers herself a lifelong learner and loves to share her knowledge. With her research background, she empowers others by writing about various subjects, including personal development, art, and the sciences.

Leandri loves the joys as well as the challenges of parenthood. One of her passions is to empower moms in their parenthood journey, from pregnancy to breastfeeding, and even coping with everyday life. In her free time, she loves art, taking walks with her family, and cooking new recipes.

Tessa Santoro

After receiving an undergraduate degree in Biology, Tessa spent four years in a laboratory, researching infectious diseases. Soon after settling into their first home in the Northeast, Tessa and her husband learned that they would be welcoming not one, but two, new babies.

In 2018, Tessa left the lab and has spent the last 4 years raising her twins, researching topics in twin parenting, and, as time will allow it, digging in the garden.

Whether handling cells, kids, or perennials, Tessa understands that growing things takes great care, attention, patience, and forgiveness when the first three invariably fail. Having lived twin motherhood first hand, Tessa is a great resource for tips, tricks, and recommendations.

Medical Consultants

At Modern Moms Club, our biggest priority is the ultimate wellbeing of both mom and baby. As such, our team of accredited professionals and experts are here to ensure all information is up-to-date and scientifically backed through extensive research to ensure the utmost safety of mothers and their children alike.