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Keep Pregnancy a Secret & Fool EVERYONE With These Clever Tips…

The idea of keeping your pregnancy doesn’t have to make you nervous or anxious.

We’ve outlined the best excuses and tips to keep your pregnancy a secret from parents, friends, relatives, and more here.

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How to Keep Pregnancy A Secret from Parents

Keeping Pregnancy a Secret from Family Relatives
If you are not ready to answer their questions ahead of time, then you might get caught tripping over your fib in the moment. Have excuses and cover-ups ready – like the ones below – for your parents.

As much as you love your parents, sometimes they want to get too involved in your life.

Are you are worried they will see your pregnancy differently? Whatever the reason, you are pregnant and don’t want them to know.

That’s alright, but how do you keep the growing bun in the oven a secret?

There are two main elements of your pregnancy that your parents might notice if you are not careful: weight gain and emotional changes.

TIP: Call your parents before visiting them to “warn” them of your chosen lie so they won’t be likely to bring up prying questions while you are with them.

Top Common Excuses

  • You ate some food ahead of time to hold you over before seeing them, and it’s making you bloat
  • Sleep hasn’t been good lately, and the restlessness has been making you cranky and tired
  • Homework and tests have been keeping you up this week, and you don’t feel like your usual self because of it
  • It’s been a while since you hit the gym and it’s starting to show
  • You are feeling a little sensitive about your weight and want to talk about different subjects (It’s okay to feel honest with this one!)

The Backup Plan

Common go-to excuses have their limits before being said one too many times.

If you think your parents might be catching on, you will need to be more creative.

So, tell them you are going on a trip! If you want, you can go on one – for real. If you do, consider your maternity leave – calculating the time off and pay – to determine if a trip is practicable right now.

Even if it’s not, you can pretend to your parents.

The point is, it’s almost a rite of passage to gain weight during vacations and trips – in the name of fun-filled splurging.

Your parents will be less likely to ask why you are gaining weight upon your “return” because it wouldn’t be surprising.

Additionally, they can chalk up irritability and tiredness on you traveling and returning home.

Keep in mind that if you don’t go on a trip and tell your parents you are, you must make it believable; and not get caught!

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How to Keep Pregnancy a Secret Around Alcohol

Keeping Pregnancy a Secret Around Alcohol
Even though you are pregnant, you can still go out for fun with friends. However, you are going to have to substitute your usual strawberry daiquiri for strawberry lemonade.

You can easily avoid pressures to drink by being the designated driver. However, if that doesn’t work, you will need another excuse to keep your pregnancy a secret.

Pick one of the example excuses below and let your friends know beforehand, so you don’t have to explain yourself repetitively while out with them.

Top Common Excuses

  • You started a late New Year’s resolution to be healthier, and one change you are making is cutting out alcohol
  • Tomorrow is a busy day with school and work, so you don’t want to risk getting hungover or too tipsy tonight
  • The last doctor’s appointment you had advised you to cut back on drinking, so you are skipping tonight
  • You are already feeling a little queasy – maybe from a bug circulating at work – and want to stick to water
  • After the fun, you have some studying to do and need a clear mind

The Backup Plan

If you hang out with friends who like to drink frequently, then these excuses can quickly become overused.

You might find yourself in an awkward situation where they (lovingly) don’t want to take no for an answer. What then?

Well, you pull out the backup. If you haven’t reached this point yet and think it’s drawing close, save the hassle by getting the backup started. What is the backup? Medication!

Let your friends know that you are taking a new medication that prohibits alcohol consumption, or, you don’t want to drink while taking it.

Many common medications are negatively affected by alcohol that you can fall back on.

Allergy and cold or flu medications like Benadryl, Claritin, and Tylenol can cause liver-damage when paired with alcohol.

Antibiotics have consequences like vomiting, stomach pain, blood pressure changes, and more when you drink alcohol. Depression and anxiety medications cause a risk of overdosing when alcohol is involved.

This excuse beats the typical “I don’t feel good” and “I don’t want morning sickness” excuses because there are genuine health-related concerns.

If your “prescription” is long-term, this excuse can cover you repeatedly without a second thought.

How to Keep Pregnancy A Secret from The Father or Your Husband

Keeping Pregnancy a Secret From Husband

If it’s not the right time to tell your husband or the baby’s father about the pregnancy, you can use some of the same excuses and techniques for parents and previous drinking buddies to keep your secret safe.

However, you still might have trouble disguising your weight gain; especially during “hands-on” moments. Showering, bedtime, and cuddles – what about then?

There are some things you can do to help keep him from noticing excess weight before you are ready to tell him!

Keep These in Mind

  • If you co-shower, rearrange your schedule to where your shower at different times
  • You can still enjoy intimate moments, but it would be easier to hide your baby bump with your shirt on and the lights off
  • If you do cuddle, holding a blanket over your stomach will prevent him from seeing and feeling your bump
  • If you have morning sickness around him, say you might have caught something going around your work
  • If you would rather avoid intimate moments, say you are not feeling well, or it’s the time of the month

The Backup Plan

Hiding your weight gain from your husband or baby’s father is easy when you wear bigger clothes, prevent him from touching your stomach, and limit him from seeing that area exposed.

However, your baby bump isn’t the only thing that’s going to uncover pregnancy weight gain. Many pregnant women experience excess weight or bloating around the face and chin.

Considering your husband or baby’s father looks at or speaks with you more frequently, a double-chin is noticeable.

After all the hard work of keeping your pregnancy a secret, the last thing you want is a puffy face to blow the top or raise suspicion.

Thankfully, you can hide the extra weight in your face with a beauty technique – contouring.

Contouring is a popular trend that uses makeup to make your face appear naturally slimmer.

There are thousands of YouTube makeup tutorials that demonstrate how to contour your face, and you can even hire a makeup professional to teach you.

Additionally, you can research ways to style your hair to hide bloating features too.

How to Keep Pregnancy A Secret at Work

While at work, your co-workers may become suspicious and develop a hunch that you’re pregnant because of how often you go to the bathroom and seeing your clothes become tighter around your mid-section.

Luckily, there are ways such as the ones below that will sweep curious inklings from co-workers under the rug.

TIP: Let co-workers know about any excuse you are using for bathroom breaks ahead a time, so they won’t question you when you go.

Top Common Excuses and Tips

  • Your doctor advised you to drink more water, so you need to use the bathroom more frequently now
  • Wear pieces of clothing that create a slimmer illusion; like dark colors, layers, and flowing garments
  • You developed a bladder infection after taking prescribed medication, so you need to go to the bathroom more often
  • Hide the pregnancy curves by sitting down more often or standing behind pieces of furniture – chairs, desks, office equipment, etc. – while you talk to co-workers
  • You haven’t been feeling good because of something you ate, so you might have to use the restroom more than usual

The Backup Plan

It’s exhausting hiding your pregnancy at work because co-workers see you more often and a large portion of the days in the week.

Your excuses for looking bloated or using the bathroom a lot are going to run out fast. One solution to keep your pregnancy secret from them is to reduce your work hours.

Before you do this, make sure you can still meet financial obligations; including when you take maternity leave.

If you need a little supportive income during this time, you can get a work-at-home job. These jobs include freelance writing, babysitting, being a virtual assistant, and selling things online.

NOTE: This is a temporary solution to bridge the gap between when it is easier for your co-workers to discover you are pregnant and when you are ready to tell them your secret.

How to Keep A Pregnancy Secret Until 12 or 20 Weeks

Keeping Pregnancy Secret Until 12 or 20 Weeks
For personal reasons, some women keep their pregnancy secret for a few months or even up to halfway through. If you want to do this, then you will need to rely heavily on multiple tips and excuses. Consider the following as examples.

Top Common Techniques

  • Help hide your baby bump by carrying and holding a large or over-sized bag around your abdominal section (practice other tummy-concealing techniques as well)
  • Remember white lies to get out of drinking. Pretend to sip on a drink or tossing it when you can.
  • Claim your doctor appointments are for routine checkups or a Pap smear
  • Have a “partner in crime” you can trust to keep your secret and back up your excuses
  • Be creative with excusing your bathroom trips and eat lunches in quiet areas at work to prevent food smells from causing morning sickness

The Backup Plan

Waiting 12 to 20 weeks to keep your pregnancy a secret will require consistent work, but you will have the most difficulty with hiding your baby bump.

The bloating excuse won’t work every day for 20 weeks so what do you do?

Mimicking the backup plan for avoiding alcohol, you can blame the medication. Certain medications are notorious for causing women to bloat and gain weight.

Antibiotics can disrupt good bacterial growth for gut health, resulting in bloating.

Birth control is a common culprit that causes women to gain weight.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that are used to reduce joint inflammation cause fluid retention; which creates a bloated, “puffier” appearance.

Using medication as an excuse for weight changes will keep people from bringing up your physical shape.

Besides, it would be rude of people to rehash your weight after you already told them your “prescribed medication” is causing it.

Is It Possible to Keep A Pregnancy A Secret Until Birth?

Some women, maybe yourself, don’t want to reveal their pregnancy until after having the baby. You can keep your secret that long, but it will be difficult.

Some people have to tell their pregnancy secret because of uncontrollable factors. Some factors can be safety requirements at work and terrible morning sickness.

However, what will give away the pregnancy is a baby bump too big to hide.

Of course, you can use some of the previously discussed tips – like dressing in layers and flowing garments – but that might not be enough for some baby bumps.

Different factors determine how big a woman gets. Like genetics, diet, and having multiple babies. Other baby bumps are small enough to hide; even at the end of the pregnancy.

If you are worried about covering your baby bump the whole pregnancy, try exercising for a stomach that isn’t hard to hide.

You can safely exercise while pregnant with methods like pregnancy workout classes and yoga.

However, you should speak to your OBGYN to determine the right amount of exercise for you and your baby.

Depending on your body and the results of the physical activity, you might be able to hide your baby bump with previously discussed techniques and exercise throughout your entire pregnancy.

Equip Yourself for the Long Weeks Ahead

Pregnancy is exciting, scary, and maybe unexpected.

If you want to keep it a secret, then that’s okay.

Using the previously discussed techniques and excuses will help you. Pay attention to the tips and notes to make it easier for you.

However, remember that health and safety for you and your pregnancy is the top priority.

Good luck mama! Don’t feel pressured to do or say what doesn’t make you feel comfortable.

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