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10 Twin Baby Shower Ideas + Tips for Theme, Food, Decor, Etc.

Due to their proclivity towards awkward games, played out themes, and over-sharing, baby showers are often dreaded by both expecting mothers and guests.

And while we can’t do anything about the over-sharing, here are some fun ideas for twin baby showers to keep it fresh.

Some are themes you may have heard before but with a unique twist, others are singleton themes made yours a double, and yet others are new altogether!

Twin Baby Shower Idea #1: Two Peas in a Pod


“Two peas in a pod” is perhaps the most adorable (and accurate) theme for a twin baby shower.

It is also perhaps the most common theme used to shower twin moms, but you can breathe new life into it by putting an emphasis on the vegetable patch aspect of peapods.

Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter) is having a moment (again) with baby showers and nurseries, and your Two Peas in a Pod shower can totally adopt this vintage-y, veggie vibe.


The more REAL greens, like potted vegetable plants or flower arrangements you can incorporate into the decorations, the less you will feel like you just stumbled into a St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Decorate the party space with all manner of green and white spheres (the white will balance out the green so it doesn’t look a green bubble bath).

Garlands of paper circles, hanging paper lanterns and pompoms, and round balloons will all tie into the “pea” theme perfectly.


Cupcakes topped with edible peapods are highly necessary, please do not underestimate their deliciousness or cuteness.

Make yours using green fondant, or a combination of a stretchy green candy for the pods(e.g. Laffy Taffy or Air Heads) and round green candies for the peas (i.e. Sixlets).


Score some old wooden crates from the flea market and stuff them with real veggies and flowers: cabbages, artichokes, radishes, carrots with greens, etc.

These could also be prizes for game-winners to take home. For everyone else, seed packets of pea plants would be perfect favors!

Twin Baby Shower Idea #2: A Couple of Cuties are on the Way

Why not take advantage of the already plural name of this adorable citrus to create a chic and slightly boho feeling twin baby shower that is currently very on trend?

Ideal for showers being thrown in the warmer months of the year, this theme is best executed on a sunny day outdoors and will require a healthy use of citrus related decor, food, and drink… so be sure allergies will not be of concern.


To perfectly execute your decor, be ready to lean hard into shades or orange, cream, and green for a bright, happy, and summery feel!

DIY table runners featuring grapefruit, lemons, oranges, and cuties cut in half atop some form of greenery are easy and cheap but pack a very pretty punch.

Meanwhile, clean and crisp white tablecloths make the perfect backdrop for all the orange and green, while brushed gold or bronze flatware makes for a subtle glam touch without being too distracting.

Perhaps the easiest way to stick to your citrus trend will be to fill large glass vases, jars, or hurricanes with cuties or oranges. From there, you can consider adding a smaller vase with flowers inside or leaving them as is.

A beverage cart or stand offers the two-for-one benefit of keeping guests hydrated and impressed as it will feel like a chic, grownup version of a lemonade stand.

Naturally, you’ll want to offer chilled lemonade, champagne, orange juice, and other trendy beverages alongside white and orange striped straws, floral arrangements, and fresh fruits with tongs to add a pretty touch to drinks.


If the shower will be on a particularly warm day, consider keeping guests cool with on-theme treats such as orange creamsicles, citrus and mint flavored waters, and fresh parfaits.

If you plan on including any savory options, play it safe to ensure you don’t distract from the citrus trend by offering simple delicacies such as tea sandwiches, pasta salads, jello dishes, and charcuterie boards. Bonus points if your charcuterie board features citrus elements!

Naturally, a beautiful cake adorned with white or orange frosting and a clementine or orange topper is a MUST. You can also consider hiring a bakery to create custom cookies that resemble cuties or feature citrus and greenery designs.

Consider adding a custom sign that says “Babies Are Sweet, Please Enjoy a Treat” on the dessert table for added “aww”.


An easy game that guests can play at their leisure would be to fill the largest glass container you can find with cuties and have them guess how many are inside!

The person who estimates closest to the actual number will be your winner and you should consider rewarding them with prize that compliments your shower’s theme, such as a chic juicer.

Twin Baby Shower Idea #3: Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather Twin Baby Shower
Credit: sweet.as.a.cake

What better way to welcome two baby birds into your nest than with a bird themed twin-baby shower?

This theme can work equally well inside or outside for a backyard party…the birds come free!

Your invitations could alternatively offer the following catch-phrase: “A little birdie told us there are two babies on the way!”


The bird theme works really well with a shabby chic or rustic aesthetic.  Arc garlands of birds around the room- you might like this one made from birch bark, or you can cut your own from card stock.

Place tall, slender vases on the floors or countertops (depending on size) and fill with tree branches.

You can even make a gift card tree, by filling a pot with floral foam to anchor the tree branches and placing clothespins on the branches where guests can clip gift cards.

Be sure to place an adorable birdie nest in your tree, complete with two little eggs!

Frame some maternity pics of mom and/or some ultrasound images (mom permitting of course!!) and create a display below a banner reading something like “Hatching soon.”

You could purchase a banner or pennants pre-made from burlap and stencil your own letters to read whatever you like using fabric paint.

Another fun banner to make might read “Our nest is blessed,” and would make lots of sense to hang over the gift table to suggest your gratitude.

Another way to show your gratitude for guests who shopped your twin baby registry is to send them off with some heart-shaped birdseed favors to attract some pretty birds in their own yard.


For dessert, serve up some bird nests. These treats are usually made around Easter but will suit your baby-bird theme shower perfectly!

They are the perfect easy treat to make (no stove required!), especially if the expectant mother is in charge of making them considering how busy she will be in preparation for her twins.

Just combine 12 ounces each of chocolate chips and butterscotch chips in a microwavable bowl.

Microwave 30 seconds at a time until the chips are melted, then stir together.  Add 12 ounces of chow mein noodles to the bowl and coat.

Place a couple of spoonfulls of the mixture onto wax paper or in a muffin tin and shape into little nests.

Top the nests with a few candy eggs (like the Robin eggs that hit stores around Easter time), then let sit at room temperature (or in the fridge if it is too hot) to set.


Some rustic-looking birdcages make the perfect centerpieces, with tea lights or votive candles in each one.

Alternatively, you could paint some wooden birdhouses to suit your chosen color scheme, and glue two, tiny faux birds to the roof of each.

Aside from the cages (or birdhouses), you could cluster some more little nests and birch votive-holders, scatter some craft feathers or place some low vases (mason jars would work perfectly) stuffed with flowers.

Twin Baby Shower Idea #4: Oh Babe-Bees

Bee Twin Baby Shower Theme
Credit: uniquedecorr

The hive is growing… so why not get family and friends buzzing with excitement to attend this bee themed baby shower?

Ideal for showers being thrown in spring and summer, you’ll need to incorporate plenty of yellow, florals, and honeycomb inspired design elements to stay on theme!

When it comes to invitations, consider including phrasing such as “Please help us shower the mama to bee” or “Join us to see what our babies will bee” if you plan on doing a gender reveal.


Naturally, your color palette is going to incorporate shades of yellow alongside black and brown. However, you can also get away with pops of color from incorporating fresh flowers and using greenery.

For florals, sunflowers will be the most on-trend but one can truly never go wrong with roses either.

If you’d like to create a backdrop or photo wall, consider covering it in faux baby green boxwood to create a hedge affect. Any yellow elements you place in front of or on the wall, such as a balloon arch or bee decals, will pop quite nicely.

An easy way to create a honeycomb affect, would be to purchase some hexagon shaped floating wood shelves and hot glue them together. You can set them on a dessert table and place treats such as cupcakes inside for a super cute touch.

However, If you don’t want your DIY honeycomb to display anything or want to save a little money, you could always hot glue popsicle sticks together and then spray paint them in a metallic gold.

Lastly, as a cute ode to pop culture, you could include customized signage somewhere that says “Uh Huh Honey” evoking the viral soundbite from the infamous Kanye West song.


When it comes to food, it should be fairly easy to keep things on trend. Simply adding fondant honeycomb or bee toppers or using yellow covered icing with black striping should do the trick.

To really impress guests, consider opting for sweet treats that feature honey as a star ingredient, such as honey buns,

For less messy treat guests can serve themselves, consider baking any variety of sweet bread or cake in this honeycomb shaped pull-apart pan.

Additionally, grab-and-go treats such as pretzel sticks dipped in yellow chocolate with white drizzling and black sprinkles or honeycomb trail mix are great as well.

For beverages, you can purchase plastic bear bottles that are reminiscent of old school honey squeeze bottles. Fill them ahead of time with sweet tea to really make it look like they’re filled with honey and store them in a large ice chest for guests to grab at their leisure. Just make sure to have cute bee-themed straws nearby!


Create your very own DIY honey pots by dripping yellow paint over the edge of red terra cotta clay pots and letting it dry. You can then add flower foam and stick in your sunflowers or bee decals.

Another great centerpiece option would be to spray paint mason jars yellow and glue on some little plastic bees from the craft store. You can then take a black paint pen and draw some little dashed lines behind each bee to illustrate their flight path.

Inside the mason jars, you’ll want to place your white and yellow flowers alongside green elements such as eucalyptus or ruscus stems.

Twin Baby Shower Idea #5: Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Twin Baby Shower Theme
Credit: graces_events

Pluralize this common baby shower theme for sprinkling your twinkling little twins.

Depending on the range of your telescope, you could stick to just stars, or you can go big: planets, moons, constellations, galaxies!

You know how the song goes…it’s your party and you can wear your galaxy-print leggings if you want to! Or something like that…


A gold and blue color scheme work beautifully with this theme, like bright stars against the night sky.

Apply star and constellation decals over blue (in the shade of your choosing) fabric or paper and hang over the walls for some indoor stargazing. Be sure to include Gemini, which is, of course, a constellation depicting twins!

If possible, dim the lights just a bit and hang some twinkle lights (a.k.a. Christmas lights) around the room for celestial ambiance.

Raining from the ceiling are golden stars, and above your gift table, a sign reading “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” (the commercially available versions are singular, so make your own or add an “S”).

If you wish to include a gender reveal component at your shower, include a sign with the second line of the song: “how I wonder what you are.”

If you want to add some moons into the mix, a moon phase banner could be hung aside a sign reading the month of your twins’ due date, and “I love you to the moon and back,” can be worked in somewhere (like this cute, golden-star adorned pillow that could make mom’s throne comfier).


If you are using this theme for a Sunday morning affair, the standard brunch line-up can be gussied up with a star-shaped cookie cutter: tea-sandwiches, fruit slices, cheese slices, you name it!

Tip: For more ideas on how to incorporate star shapes into food, look into Fourth-of-July recipes (one such example: watermelon stars over a slice of mozzarella with arugula and a drizzle of balsamic).

To satisfy the sweet tooth, ice cupcakes in a blue to match your decorations and crown each with a gold-star cupcake topper.


Create blue flower arrangements with golden stars in the mix.

To make, cut stars out of golden paper and adhere to long wooden skewers, or you can purchase premade floral picks that match your cupcake toppers.

Another idea for centerpieces is to fill glass jars with tiny twinkle lights for an ambient glow.


Play on the word “stars” with a twin-theme celebrity guessing game.  You could print out handouts with photos of famous twins (thank you very much Google Images), and the guest who can label the most wins! Alternatively, they could match celebrity moms to the names of their twins, like is done here*.

Having multiple showers catering to different groups of friends/family/acquaintances is not uncommon. 

A star-themed babies shower is a smashing idea for an evening gathering with “the girls” (some of whom may appreciate not sharing birth-stories with your Auntie Gertrude over cucumber sandwiches).

If you are feeling adventurous, why not gaze at some real stars? Think comfortable clothes, blankets in the grass, movie snacks, and a telescope. See if you can find Gemini and the constellation corresponding to your twins’ due date month on the zodiac.

Twin Baby Shower Idea #6: Bienvenue, We’re Having Two

If the mom-to-be prefers classy over cutesy, try “Tea for Two” with a Parisian flair.

Invite friends and family to shower mom over a romantic brunch with a touch of sophistication…juste un peu.


With a little creativity, your food display might evoke the irresistibility of Parisian storefronts. Above your buffet, you might include signs reading “Patisserie,” “Fromagerie,” etc. 

Other fun signage could include the popular “Bonjour Bebe,” or in this case, “bebes!”

If it is feasible, seat guests around small round tables instead of long tables to give a café vibe.

Now this is a “babies” shower after all, so tie it all together by having guests pile cards into this collapsible Paris themed storage bin that the mom-to-be can use in the nursery after.

Beckon guests to embark on an adventure with you by sending invitations that resemble plane boarding passes.

As they arrive, stun them not only with visuals, but with sound: play some accordion valse musette in the background!

Wrap it all up neatly by sending some “Merci” thank-you notes to show your appreciation to your guests.


The vast repertoire of French confections makes this category a breeze.  Include hand-size savory options such as mini-quiches, Croques Meurice (mini version of Croques Monsieur), and veggie-stuffed crepes alongside a pretty bowl of French-style yogurt and cut fruit.

Indulge the palette with sweets such as macarons, beignets, mini-tartes, croissants, and little cups of flan or mousse, all displayed on cake stands and platters to attract the eye.

While espresso drinks would be decadent, most guests will appreciate a table with coffee and tea, and champagne would be quite nice.


A Paris-inspired shower would not be complete without reference to the iconic Eiffel Tower.

In the center of each table, place an Eiffel Tower figurine, and surround it with flower petals or else some bushy blooms (like hydrangea or peony) in low vases.

Be sure to speckle the table with some votive candles for added romance!  

Twin Baby Shower Idea #7: Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing 1 Thing 2 Twin Baby Shower Idea
Credit: frostedevents.com

Ah, the classic Dr. Suess reference. What better twin baby shower theme than this for an expectant mother who also happens to be an avid reader?

This theme works well for virtually any size venue, as well as indoors and outside. It is also especially well suited for baby showers where the genders will be revealed!

Get your guests excited for this festive event by ensuring you mail invitations featuring the Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and phrasing that rhymes such as “Why yes it is true, *insert mother’s name*’s babies are almost due!” or “Have you heard the news? The best things always come in two’s!”.

Also, in lieu of a card, considering requesting each guest bring a book for the little blossoming readers!


True to the book, this baby shower theme will require the use of a bold color palette and plenty of classic Dr. Suess graphics! Think red and white stripes with pops of blue.

Naturally, a backdrop behind a dessert or present table will be an easy go-to. You can also use a large balloon arch featuring red, white, and blue balloons here as well.

When it comes to your tables, opt for bright red tablecloths with white plates and blue runners.

To add a sentimental element you and your little ones will cherish forever, set out a copy of The Cat in the Hat with red and blue sharpies for guests to sign instead of a traditional guest book. This precious book can later be displayed in a nursery!


Play homage to all things Dr. Suess with a bright blue jello dish adorned with Swedish fish candies and call it “One Fish, Two Fish Jello Dish”.

To compliment the “one” and “two” theme, use large cookie cutters in the shape of these numbers to create perfectly numerical noms such as finger sandwiches, cookies, and cheese slices for a charcuterie board.

When it comes to dessert, consider red velvet cupcakes frosted with cream cheese and adorned with bright blue cotton candy to really stick to your color palette!

Additionally, you could also commission a local bakery to create your very own Thing 1 and Thing 2 cake complete with fondant stripes, polka dots, and perhaps even a mini Thing 1 and Thing 2.

If you’re perfectly fine breaking from the above color palette but want to maintain a Dr. Suess theme, you can also consider bringing in a Green Eggs and Ham element by featuring green deviled eggs or green quiche. Naturally, all you’ll need is a little green food coloring to accomplish either.

For twin baby showers in the morning, you could also host a green omelette bar as well. Guests will love getting to customize their own breakfast/brunch in a manner that bests suits their diet and tastes.


Fortunately with this theme, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of centerpiece ideas…

You can go the simply sweet route and have glass bowls filled with blue, white, and red candies. You can also use washi tape to add stripes to vases and fill them with seasonal flowers in shades, white, red, and blue.

If you want to take a more unexpected yet very-on-theme approach, stack books in your color palette and top them with a table number, candy dish, or Cat in the Hat doll for added visual interest. Just be give yourself plenty of time beforehand to spray paint the books to match your color palette.

Pro Tip: Visit a library book sale or book outlet to score dozens of books for under $10!


Put your guests’ Dr. Suess knowledge to the test by having them correctly match quotes to the Dr. Suess book from which they originate. The guest with the most correct answers can be rewarded with a Barnes & Noble gift card!

Theme Idea #8: Team of Two Baby-Q

Twin Baby Q Twin Baby Shower Theme
Credit: Kateaspen.com

Boys and girls are all welcome to fill in the stands at this sports-themed, co-ed, baby shower barbeque.  Send some invites resembling game tickets to entice your guests to come and play!

This theme is the perfect solution for those looking to make daddy-to-be and his buddies all the more excited to attend the baby shower. It’s also a fabulous option if the host or someone close to the mother owns an amazing backyard!


A sports theme is the jackpot for twin-based wordplay.

Make some signs with messages like “Double Header,” “Going for Two,” “John and Jane hit a double,” etc.

Or, steal this one from singleton baby showers and just add your twin’s names: “Bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, let’s bring “A” and “B” home!”

Old school sporting goods like football helmets, baseball mitts, tennis rackets, and jerseys would make fantastic decorations if you can get your hands on some, as would baby onesies decorated to look like sports jerseys.

Using paper or a large chalkboard, create a scoreboard displaying the due date for your twins. If you are really crafty, you could make end zone goal posts out of PVC piping under which guests can place the gifts-touch down!!


Autographs– While this isn’t really a game, audience participation is required! Rather than a guest book, have your guests sign a message on a football (or other ball).

It would make a fun decoration in a sports-themed nursery, or at the very least, your twins will feel pretty special playing catch one day with a ball scribbled with such love.

Yard Games- The best thing about a backyard Baby-Q, is that it is all the fun things about a regular barbeque, just in honor of your babies.  So all the usual yard games that keep people entertained like corn hole or bocce-why not??


Fill your concessions stand with all the ball-game basics: burgers and dogs (or another BBQ-style fare if you prefer), popcorn, Cracker Jacks, peanuts, etc.

For something sweet, ice cookies or Oreo truffles to look like different types of sports balls.

Be sure to fill ice buckets with waters and sports drinks for the athletes in attendance to refuel.


Those red and white striped popcorn boxes could be a fun vessel to stuff with flowers for the center of each table.

Or instead, you could also paint mason jars to resemble baseballs, footballs, basketballs, etc. to fill with flowers.

At some sports themed baby showers, the hosts filled glass vases with mini-sports balls or actual sports balls (baseball, tennis ball, and golf ball should fit) as centerpieces-tie with a pretty bow to spruce it up!

Twin Baby Shower Idea #9: Taco ‘Bout Twins

Taco Themed Twin Baby Shower
Credit: Saltycanary.com

Let’s face it, you don’t exactly have to be pregnant to find yourself craving Mexican food!

Indulge the mama-to-be and her guests in a good ‘ol fashioned fiesta themed baby shower that puts a fun twin spin on things.


When it comes to decor, you’ll have to ask yourself how far you want to lean into the “fiesta” theme.

Naturally, you could take a more traditional route and incorporate zarapes (brightly colored, striped blankets) as table runners and string papel picado (Mexican perforated paper streamer) between trees.

Additionally, you could take more of a desert or southwest themed approach and incorporate cute cacti and succulents decor as well!

One cool element that you may want to consider would be to adorn a backdrop or table with large, brightly colored paper flowers. These paper flowers in the color beautiful brights would be perfect!


This twin baby shower theme is without a doubt the easiest one to cater! From chips and salsa to queso and guacamole, fresh ceviche, and more… your choices for food are endless.

Naturally, a taco bar would be a total crowd pleaser but may be a little pricy if you need to have it catered. If you want to do something even more on theme, consider serving various kinds of enchiladas and calling them “twinchiladas”.

In terms of beverages, you can’t go wrong with the classics! Guests will love getting to choose between agua frescas, Jamaica (hibiscus tea), and horchata.

If you’re okay with serving alcohol, fun names for custom cocktails such as “Los Dos” or “Mamarita” would be fun! Just make sure you have a Mommy Mocktail so the guest of honor (and any other expectant or breastfeeding moms) doesn’t feel left out!

For dessert, offer cupcakes frosted like cacti and traditional Mexican treats such as tres leches cake or conchas.


Sombreros, brightly colored floral arrangements, mini piñatas, or potted cactus would all make theme appropriate centerpieces.

Theme Idea #10 No Two are Alike

Winter Twin Baby Shower Theme
Credit simply_fabulous_party

Declare your twins’ independence with a snowflake theme baby shower-no two are alike!

This theme, naturally, is best for a winter baby shower.

Leave the winter wonderland outside, and let your guests step in for the sort of warm, cozy respite reminiscent of a ski lodge. Snowflake sweaters are a must!


Snowing from the ceiling, of course, should be shiny paper snowflakes. Top the tables with shimmery white table cloths and/or a generous handful of snowflake confetti.

Create the world’s most adorable garlands for the wall by hanging baby mittens with clothes pins-bonus: mom can take them home to keep those four little hands warm!


Warm your guests from the inside out with plenty of comfort food and beverages like mugs full of hot cocoa and mulled cider.

To keep guests entertained, create a DIY S’mores station with a S’ mores maker and all the fixings to invent their own tasty combinations.


Snowflake floral picks springing out among white flower arrangements is a pretty and classy way to dress the center of the table.

To elevate the cuteness factor, add in a pair of winter animals like polar bears or penguins

More Twin Baby Shower Game Ideas

Get Crafty

Here are four ideas to get you started:

1. Lay out blank wood blocks with non-toxic paint (since they will eventually end up in someone’s mouth), brushes, and stencils and your guests can go to town creating a custom set of baby blocks.

2. Or, you can grab a bunch of plain white onesies in all different sizes and people can channel their inner designer, creating adorable works of art with fabric markers, fabric paint, and stencils. 

You could even set up buckets of dye and let the party-goers make some tie-dye onesies for your groovy babes! Although, this activity might be best suited for an outdoor event.

3. If the mom-to-be is expecting a girl or two, pick up a baby headband/ hair clip decorating kit and the ladies can jazz up some flair for babies’ hair

4. With card stock and art supplies (markers, colored pencils, etc.), mom’s friends and family can create a truly unique baby alphabet book.  Leave a sign-up sheet with the alphabet on it, and each person can pick a letter and make a page of the book!

The illustrations are up to their own imaginations-which could get pretty interesting! No artists in the group? That’s ok- you could also print out alphabet book coloring pages-kids and grown-ups alike will have fun trying to stay between the lines.

Babies Against Parenthood

Ever play Cards Against Humanity?  Well, head over to The Eco-Friendly Family for a free printable and instructions for Babies Against Parenthood.

Sure to get some laughs, it is played like CAH but all of the prompts and responses are entirely about babies and parenting.  The best response wins!

This version is not offensive but has the potential to get very silly, if not mildly inappropriate (in other words-know your crowd!)

Guess That Baby

Have all of your guests brings a baby picture of themselves with their name written on the back.  Pin all of the photos up and attach numbers to them.

On a sheet of paper, each player can try to write down the name belonging to Baby #1, Baby #2, and so on.

In the end, score the sheets to see who guessed the most correctly!  A copy of the guest list on each table might help put a name with a face for guests less familiar with the crowd.

Name the Baby Animal

Print out some short answer style worksheets for guests to fill out. Prompt them with a list of animals, and they must respond with the name for that baby animal.

For example: Goose: Gosling, Lion: Cub, etc. Throw in some tricky ones too, like, did you know a baby platypus is called a puggle? How cute is that?!

On the same worksheet you could also include a matching game of animals to their gestation periods. Write the animal names and then guests fill in the corresponding gestation period from a word bank. 

280 days may seem like a long time, especially when you are carrying TWO tiny humans…but did you realize an African elephant carries her baby for 645 days?!

Baby Pictionary

It is exactly what it sounds like.

Each table has paper and pencils, and someone keeps time for the whole room. Write a bunch of pregnancy and baby related words-twin specific terms are even better-on slips of paper and place them in a hat.

Each table will choose someone to be the artist for the first round.  The artist will draw a subject from that hat (e.g. crawling, burping, double trouble, due date, baby bump, etc.) and draw that subject on the paper when the time-keeper says “Go!”

Everyone at the table will try to guess what she is drawing before other tables. The first table to guess correctly gets one point.

Each round, a different person from the table will be the artist.  At the end of a set number of rounds, the table with the most points wins!

For extra fun, you could create a giant game board on a poster board that ties in with your theme and the tables can watch their pieces progress closer to the end as they battle it out!

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