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Twin Z vs. My Brest Friend: Which Tandem Nursing Pillow is Best?

There is a raging debate between mothers of twins right now over which nursing pillow is best. Is it the Twin Z or My Brest Friend?

Both of these pillows come highly recommended by mothers of twins and are frequently referred to as “the one thing they couldn’t live without”, but which one is best for your unique situation?

In this post, we’ll compare the two by discussing their pros and cons so you can ultimately make a more well-informed decision.

In a hurry or just plain curious? 

✅ Winner: This tandem nursing pillow is the most popular amongst readers because of how effortless and comfortable it makes tamden breastfeeding twins!

Twin Z

The Twin Z is a positioning pillow designed specifically for those of us lucky enough to have twins.

It is like a big, stuffed letter “W”, with a buckle and strap sewn onto each end.

The pillow is cotton and it is stuffed with polyester fiber. A removable, washable cover comes with the Twin Z and it is made of a soft, Minky fabric available in all sorts of colors and patterns.

Alternatively, you can select a waterproof Twin-Z pillow for easy clean up of milk, spit-up, you name it!

Here is the Twin-Z 101: To tandem nurse twins, the middle piece becomes a back-rest for mom, while the two arms wrap around her waist and buckle together in the front.

You can then lay a baby on each arm of the pillow in a double football hold. For all other uses, just flip the middle piece back down and sit one babe on each side. The design is really, quite clever!


Twin Z Pillow Versatility

The Twin Z is, without a doubt, the more versatile option.

Touted on Shark Tank as a 6-in-1 pillow, the Twin Z claims to be useful for breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, tummy time, reflux relief, sitting support, toddler time, AND (drumroll please) pregnancy support.

Being pregnant with twins is a fascinating experience but it can get pretty uncomfortable, so if the pillow fort you have built in your bed isn’t cutting it for you (or your partner), try the Twin-Z!

Twin moms love that even when they are not feeding their babies, the Twin Z works like two Boppy pillows on the floor for sitting, tummy time, or just lounging and giggling at each other.

Bottle feeders insist upon this pillow for tandem feeding and breastfeeders are about 50/50 between the Twin Z and the My Brest Friend pillow.

In other words, whether you plan to breastfeed all of the time, some of the time, or none of the time, you will definitely be able to use the Twin Z for something (besides collecting dust).


  • As always with twins, versatility is key
  • Great for tummy time, sitting, and just hanging out looking at each other!
  • Good for tandem feeding twins
  • Works well for tandem bottle feeding and SOMEDAY… sitting babies down when they can feed themselves bottles
  • Provides good support after c-section
  • Doubles nicely as a pregnancy support pillow
  • Despite large size, moms find it easier to get into than the My Brest Friend Twin pillow
  • Better back support than MBF
  • Can be used to keep babies upright after feeding to help with reflux which is common in preemies
  • Comfortable and soft


  • Some moms, particularly those on the thinner side, found this pillow to be too loose and needed to alter strap to make it tight enough
  • The looseness can create a gap that babies roll into, particularly when they are very small like newborn twins tend to be
  • This pillow is huge, and thus, not very portable
  • The edges and middle are a bit floppy compared to MBF, and babies can roll off edge or slant toward the middle. For this reason, you need to hold your twins heads the whole time, and it can be tricky to adjust a baby with two hands when needed
  • Tall moms complain that they need to stop with this pillow, however, this is a problem for tall mothers with nearly ALL breastfeeding pillows, and you may just have to put extra pillows underneath your Twin Z to give it more height
  • More expensive than My Brest Friend Pillow

My Brest Friend

Ok kids, while we are spelling our alphabet with breastfeeding pillows, let’s have a look at the My Brest Friend Twin, which looks just like a letter “D!”

In this case, the opening is in the back, and when the gate is closed it serves as a sort of lumbar pillow for Ma. In front the pillow wraps around your body, soft but also firm like a shelf to position your twins perfectly for latching.

You can do a double football hold, or, since the pillow goes all the way across your front, you can do a football-cradle combo.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a quarterback to memorize all these plays, you will learn quickly! A pocket is built into the Brest Friend to stash your all-important nursing essentials like a water bottle, nipple cream, nipple shields, etc.

The pillow and cover are both made of cotton. The Brest Friend cover can be removed to wash should you end up with a mess on your hands (and consider yourself lucky if it is ONLY on your hands), and they come in an array of pretty fabrics.


My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for Twins 0-12 Months, Plus-Size, Light Green

The My Brest Friend pillow is really a one-trick-pony, but it is a mighty steed.

Though one could tandem bottle-feed small babies on this, as the hilariously absurd name implies, the My Brest Friend Twin pillow is really just meant for breastfeeding twins.

For tummy time, sitting support, and lounging newborns, the Brest Friend is not your best friend.

If you choose the MBF as your twin positioning aid, a couple of Boppy pillows may be in order for conquering the aforementioned tasks. But if you choose MBF, you still choose wisely!

Many a twin mom swears by this pillow, especially for exclusively breastfeeding twins. You will spend so much time feeding your babies one way or another, so just make sure you and your babies are as comfortable as can be.

Tandem nursing isn’t easy at first but it is a great time saver and an amazing bonding experience unique to mothers with twins.


  • Great for tandem feeding twins
  • Firm and supportive structure is table like for positioning babies
  • Removable cover for washing
  • Portable
  • Less expensive than Twin Z
  • No gap between you and your babies
  • Works well even with larger (12 mos) babies
  • Includes pocket to keep nursing essentials within reach 


  • With the opening in the back, it can be tricky to get in and out of
  • For some moms, the lumbar-like piece in the back isn’t cutting it; the back support is not as good as the Twin-Z
  • Like the Twin Z, tall women and women with small breasts need extra pillows under the MBF to position twins at the right height
  • Can’t be used for much other than feeding

How to Choose Between Twin Z and My Brest Friend

If you plan to bottle feed your twins all or part of the time, the Twin Z is your best choice because it can work for both bottle-feeding and breastfeeding.

Once your twins are in high chairs, plastering your kitchen with mashed peas, the pillow can still be useful for tummy time or sitting practice. The Twin-Z is a great docking station for your little guys and girls, especially when they are too young for playing on the floor.

Even those who plan to exclusively breastfeed sometimes end up changing course (and pumping for instance) so having a versatile option is a good idea. Always keep your options open!

When it comes to tandem nursing, the extra back piece gives the Twin-Z the leading role in the back support superlative.

That said, and even though many twin moms still stand by the Twin Z for nursing, the My Brest Friend Twin may have a slight edge when it comes to supporting the babies themselves. This makes the MBF the go-to choice for exclusively breastfeeding twin moms.

A lot of mothers complained about the gap between themselves and the Twin-Z pillow being too large and babies rolling into or off of the pillow. If you need to wear a catcher’s mitt to nurse your twins, you probably won’t be bonding so much as exercising.

The shelf-like pillow on the MBF keeps babies level and elevated, and the unit fits more snuggly against most moms.

Since the MBF is not as versatile as the Twin-Z, you may need to purchase additional Boppy pillows for the times when your babies are hanging out on the floor.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of what pillow you choose (or don’t choose and get both if that is possible for you!), if you plan to tandem feed alone you will also want to consider where you will put your babies while you get them positioned.

Your twinsies can be lounging in their Twin-Z if it is wrapped around you! It is perhaps for this reason that a lot of moms report that the Twin-Z is great to use in bed for nursing at night (you can even use it as a  bed pillow when you aren’t nursing), while the My Brest Friend is better for using on the couch.

If you are feeding on the couch or on the floor, you might still need a couple of Boppy pillows to place on either side of you for loading and unloading cargo. This may seem like a whole lot of pillows to buy, and surely you can do without any or all of them if it really came down to it, but anything to make life easier with twins is worth it.

At the end of the day, some twin moms swear by the My Brest Friend, others can’t live without the Twin-Z, and yet others say get both!

If you’re in the process of creating your twin registry, you can’t go wrong with adding one or both to your list but hopefully you have a better idea of what pillow will suit you and your twins best.

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