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When Twins Drop During Pregnancy (Lightening) & What It Feels Like

If you’re pregnant and wondering when twins drop in pregnancy, then this post should help provide you with the necessary information you need, as well as some additional things you may find interesting like what it feels like when twins drop.

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Do Twins Drop The Same Way A Singleton does?

Pregnancy Bump Drop
With twins, dropping usually occurs when Baby A engages with the pelvis and then Baby B may or may not follow in his big brother’s footsteps, depending on the available space. This is why the belly dropping is often less noticeable with twins.

Twins may drop or may not drop, for one of the same reasons as singleton babies. Essentially, this reason is simply how much room they have in their house!

Sometimes singleton babies do not drop if they are on the larger side or the mom is on the smaller side.

⭐️ Fun Fact: With a twin pregnancy, there often isn’t enough room to see a vertical drop, but there might be a conformational change of your baby bump (by this time it is probably more like a baby mountain).

Some moms notice that her previously round baby belly suddenly takes on a cigar or torpedo shape.

And although these aren’t exactly the cutest analogies when talking about baby bumps… they are perhaps the most accurate!

Baby A sort of dictates the dropping like a singleton. A head-down baby can engage better than one that is transverse or breech.

Where dropping varies with twins, this also depends on the positioning of the babies relative to each other.

Two babies vying for a good seat on the exit train is like a game of Jenga. The baby blocks are usually either side-by-side in utero or stacked one on top of the other.  Sometimes one can physically block the other from being able to snuggle in down low.

When Do Twins Drop in Pregnancy?

Pregnant Mother of Twins Dropped Belly
You may never be more aware of gravity as when you are pregnant with twins. If there is room in their house to sink into, even if it is down low in the pelvis, your twins will find it and consume it. It really is foreshadowing and before you know it those twins will be taking over every nook and cranny of your house!

Question: How do you know when your belly drops?

Answer: You know because everyone in your office looks at it every day and gives you a daily update on whether or not it has.

When a baby, or babies, drop(s) depends a lot on the size of the babies, the size of the mother, the number of babies, and whether it is a first or successive pregnancy.

For example, first-time mothers of singletons may drop anywhere from a couple of weeks (say, 37 or 38 weeks of gestation) to a couple of hours before labor.

In contrast, moms having their second, third, or nineteenth baby usually find that their baby drops later…maybe only during delivery, because the pelvis is already primed and ready to go.

⭐️Fun Fact: However, twins dropping in pregnancy is a different story. While some never notice a drop, most twin mothers notice a drop much earlier on, between 28 and 33 weeks of gestation. Dropping early in the third trimester is pretty normal!

Think of it this way: weight= mass x gravity. You simply have more babies in there and it gets HEAVY.

What it Feel Likes When Twins Drop

Pregnant Woman Laying Down in Bed

What do you want first, the good news or the bad news? Let’s start with the good news!

When twins drop lower into the pelvis this can sometimes mean freeing up some space in your upper abdomen and chest. This might translate to breathin’ easy and less reflux. Dropping is often referred to as “lightening” for this reason.

If your stomach was in a jam before, then you may find that you can enjoy full meals again. The bad news is, now you’ve got two babies pressing into your bladder.

If you required frequent trips to the loo prior to the big drop, well, let’s just say you might as well just set up camp there now!

You will be stationed there from here til delivery day whether you actually have to vacate or not!

The sensation of twins dropping is most commonly described by moms as intense pressure in the pelvic area that was not there before, and a sudden lightening higher up. Our readers swear by this pregnancy support belly band to help alleviate pelvic pain.

It is just like a strong, downward pushing feeling in the pelvis, and you might see or feel some swelling of the nether regions.

A lot of moms describe the feeling of dropping, so endearingly, like the baby is just about to “fall out.”

When you walk you might feel a downward pulling sensation, and when you sit you might feel like the chair is pushing upward.

This is because one of your babies is engaged with the birth canal! Like everything with pregnancy, the feeling of dropping can vary from mother to mother.

Some moms expecting twins, particularly those with shorter torsos, feel the pressure but not the lightening, since there is really no room for the babies to drop and they continue to press upward as well…those lucky ladies. Yet others notice no discernible drop at all!

⭐️Pro Tip: Whatever you end up feeling, take this spin on it: the discomfort you feel is because your babies are growing and gearing up to meet you!

Is Your Belly Dropping a Sign That Labor is Not Far Away?

Since belly dropping is so variable among twin moms, take it with a grain of salt. Due to the sheer weight of two babies, some moms drop at 28 weeks and then deliver another 8 or 9 weeks later!

Others have an experience like singletons; they drop and then deliver about two weeks later. Some don’t notice a drop until they are in labor!

So if you drop and it is still early, definitely talk to your OB about it, but DON’T panic! The pressure of two babies dropping may even cause some discharge of the mucous plug (oh, the joys of motherhood), but it does not necessarily mean preterm labor.

There are more reliable indicators of preterm labor that your OB will assess such as dilation, cervical effacement, and contractions, and will prescribe bed rest or delivery as necessary.

Conversely, if you are still carrying up high late in the game (38 weeks is generally considered full term for twins), don’t get discouraged! You may not drop until labor begins and that is likely to be soon-hang in there!

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